10 Curious George Tot Trays!

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This week was our first take on a “character” theme – Curious George Tot Trays! And guess what… it didn’t work out too well! At first E actually questioned where his ‘new school’ was! I wonder what about the theme made him question its authenticity — too fun, perhaps?

Anyway, as the week went on he caught on a little more. So, here is a look at 10 top Curious George tot school activities!

(Items starred below are from the 123 Homeschool 4 Me’s Curious George Tot Pack — thank you!)

Check out 10 ways to play with Curious George in tot school!

  1. *Coloring (Crayons)
  2. DIY Preposition Position cards
  3. Banana Sizing
  4. Coloring (Markers)
  5. Monkey Money
  6. George Books
  7. Curious George Sensory Bin
  8. Monkey Chains w/ Cards
  9. *George Graphing
  10. *Bean Words

Coloring (Crayons)

  • This is one of two coloring trays we did this time!
  • The items to color include:
  • Big C and G with George from the Curious George tot pack – thank you!
  • DIY Clock (from PBS)
  • Plus more coloring pages from TechnoSamrat — thank you!

DIY Preposition Position Cards

Banana Sizing

  • Last month, I was cutting something yellow on the Silhouette Cameo and had some cardstock leftover. What to cut… how about five sizes of bananas!
  • He knows what these are about now so I didn’t include any sort of chart.
  • When you’re done organizing them, be sure to feed the monkeys!

Coloring (Markers)

  • So many things to color!
  • This time I gave him the ‘smaller’ pages to color with his brand new set of washable markers!
  • These are also from TechnoSamrat — thank you!

Monkey Money

  • This Monkey Money is from PBS
  • I printed this cute set on B&W, trimmed for him and just put on its own tray as he has plenty to color with!

George Books

  • George books are the best! I got some more books at the library to complement his home George collection. We ended up with the following:

Curious George Sensory Bin

  • A colored stuff bin — easily the easiest one to make!
  • I looked through the containers to find lots of yellow things in honor of the Man with the Yellow Hat. I actually had to stop, I had too many things!
  • Along with the “things” I gave E two Curious George buddies, bowls, scoops and a larger container for transferring.
  • (This was the only activity he liked for the first two days of this theme!)

Monkey Chains w/ Cards

  • This is a set of DIY color-printed “monkey chain” cards to go with a Barrel of Monkeys!
  • Over on the computer, I found an image of a Barrel of Monkeys monkey
  • After removing the background (PNG) I loaded the graphic in Word and made four overlapping “chains” – 1, 2, 3 and 4 monkeys long
  • Printed this in color on cardstock and presented to him with monkeys to make chains!

George Graphing

  • This is from the tot pack, thank you!
  • To set things up I printed the George die in color and the graphing chart in black and white
  • I went ahead and trimmed the die and put it together
  • I gave him the die, sheet and pencil and showed him what to do!

Bean Words

  • This is from the tot pack, thank you!
  • As I couldn’t find a second “N” among our wooden letter tiles to spell BANANA and MONKEY, I went with some easy beans this time
  • Only gave him these letters this time, but later I plan to include additional letters that he doesn’t need.

Thanks again to Beth at 123 Homeschool 4 Me for the wonderful Curious George Tot Pack!!

As I started this post with, there was just something about our Curious George Tot Trays theme that didn’t click with him! I do not have another ‘character’ theme through the end of the year so we will see if that was the culprit.

Another thing we ran into this time though is he is not desiring to do most activities again, retorting with the simple (and true!), “I did that already.” So, something to think about is how to get him to repeat activities to grow and learn more.

In the end he did seem to catch on to the theme, so it’s nice to see him be resilient. Specifically, the monkey chains, a particularly frustrating task for him, became much easier for him as the week went along.

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School with activities that E enjoyed at 38 months old! Also linked up over at the Preschool and Kindergarten Community Linkup hosted by Homeschool Creations, Inspire Me Mondays, Mommy Monday Blog Hop, Motivational Monday,Laugh & Learn Linkup, Everything Early Childhood Link Up, Turn it Up Tuesdays, Tuesday Talk, Everything Early Childhood Link Up, Learning Kid Link-Up, Inspire Me Mondays, Wonderful Wednesday, Hearts for Home Blog Hop, and the Made for Kids Link Party!


Cool Books for Curious George Tot Trays

A sample of trays for Curious George themed tot school!

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