10 Ducks Preschool Trays

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We have certainly had ducks in preschool before between pond animals preschool, birds preschool and birds tot school. But today we are just focusing on ducks with 10 Ducks Preschool Trays!

Ducks are the stars this week with a fun Ducks Preschool theme!

  1. Canada Goose Paper Craft
  2. Boggle, Jr.
  3. Word Puzzles
  4. Shape Maze
  5. Shadow Matching
  6. Photo Cut & Match
  7. Dd Tracing Page
  8. Quack Quack Math
  9. Duck Foam Craft
  10. Unifix & 10 Frames

Canada Goose Paper Craft

  • I fully realize this Canada Goose is not really a duck. But I also know I won’t likely be able to do a week of goose school!
  • But I was quite inspired by this Canada Goose Felt Pattern spotted on Pinterest!
  • Rather than felt I gave E colored paper so he could use this pattern a a guide to create his own goose (duck friend)!

Boggle Jr.

  • We put a great game out in his school this week, Boggle the Jr.!
  • Of course we put the Duck card in the tray, but gave him the rest as well so he could keep building words.

Word Puzzles

Shape Maze

  • A maze with shapes – how cool!
  • This free duck maze is available from Education.com.

Shadow Matching

  • I have used printables from Kleuteridee and they are so cute! Here for ducks preschool we match the ducks to their shadows with the http://kleuteridee.nl/de-sloot/”>”de sloot” page.

Photo Cut & Match

  • If I see ducks, I take a picture! So here are nine different scenes with ducks. I used Photoscape to crop them as squares, then placed all those on a Publisher page.
  • I printed two sets so he could cut and then play his own matching game!

Dd Tracing Page

  • We used many pages from the Pond preschool pack by Homeschool Creations in past school weeks!
  • This week I put out the Dd tracing page with several opportunities to practice these letters.

Quack Quack Math

  • Here is another Education.com black-and-white friendly printable: a page of Duck Addition!

Duck Foam Craft

  • Here is a simple open-ended craft that I knew he would like.
  • Make a duck out of scraps of foam sheets! To that I added some funny foam eyes, feathers, scissors and glue.

Unifix & 10 Frames

  • The duck 10 frames from KidSparkz are just too cute!
  • But what to do with them… I decided to team them up with color coordinated Unifix Cubes.


We of course also watched WordWorld: Lucky Duck, and we would have watched Sitting Ducks if it was still on streaming! Hooray for ducks preschool. Thanks for taking a look back at our past Check out all of our animal themes!  

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Printables, games, and other ideas for a fun week of Bird Preschool!

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