10 Easter Tot Trays & Activities

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When I first decided to start doing these weekly activities in earnest, Easter tot trays and activities were the first ones I ever saw and pinned. That said, we really could have planned a LOT of activities for this week! It is going to be a busy one though so I only selected a few. (I also made big rice sensory bin for our family Easter gathering.)

You can also jump ahead to next year with our set of Easter Preschool Trays!

So, here are our 7 fun and simple Easter tot trays, plus a no-brainer Sensory Bin!

  1. Easter Sensory Bin
  2. Bunny Tail Gluing
  3. Bunny Tongs & Eggs
  4. Egg Color Match
  5. Easter Play Dough
  6. Easter Coloring Pages
  7. Pastel Cups & Pompoms
  8. Bunny Tail Color Match
  9. Hide & Squeak Eggs
  10. Books & Stuffed Animals

Easter Sensory Bin

  • Different colors and textures of Easter basket grass, either from the dollar store or saved from previous years
  • Dollar store fillers: small plastic eggs, glittery decorative eggs, and Easter-themed erasers
  • Also included some plastic Easter cups and barrel of monkeys-style rabbits set that we already had
  • I also added a couple small Easter baskets so he could ‘fill’ them for us

Bunny Tail Gluing

  • First, created a simple “bunny butt” graphic in Word using three circles and two triangles
  • Printed on cardstock
  • Included cotton balls and glue sticks to attach bunny “tails”
  • Included crayons to color
  • May also include scissors for him to cut bunnies out

Bunny Tongs & Eggs

  • Included six colorful plastic eggs and fun bunny tongs from Michaels (about 50 cents on sale)
  • Use the tongs to put the eggs in and out of tray
  • Put pieces in Easter egg silicone tray we already had

Egg Color Match

  • I can’t find where I got this printable from — but thank you!! Please post if this is yours.
  • Instead of criss crossing lines to match eggs, we will have him color in the egg across from the colored one and draw a line between the two
  • Included skinny markers in the five egg colors

Easter Play Dough

Easter Coloring Pages

  • Printed three simple coloring pages
  • With other crayons and markers on other trays we will let him choose what he wants to color with

Pastel Cups & Pompoms

  • Used five egg coloring cups we had from a couple years ago
  • Included pom poms to match each cup, about 10 of each color
  • Also included tongs to put pom poms in and out
  • Put all of this in a fun old Easter bucket

Bunny Tail Color Match

  • Used the same template as Bunny Tail Gluing above
  • Printed six bunnies on cardstock
  • Colored in tails with a Sharpie, then laminated the bunnies
  • Included both a set of soda bottle lids and pom poms in matching colors

Hide & Squeak Eggs

Books & Stuffed Animals

Seeing all the activities in one place shows we ended up with several color matching activities as well as two with tongs! But, it was a fun week, with Easter evident everywhere we went. And, now we have plenty of plastic eggs for activities all year long!

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 33 months old! Also shared with Motivation Monday, Hearts for Home Blog Hop, Faith Filled Parenting Linkup Party, Pinworthy Projects Link Party, Learn and Play Link-Up, and TGI Saturdays!

Cool Books for Easter Tot Trays

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