10 Fish Tot Trays!

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Our first full tot school theme was an easy one: Fish! We already have so many fish toys and bath toys! Here is our set of 10 fun fish tot trays and activities:

10 fish themed tot trays and activities for toddlers!

  1. Paper & Fish Punches
  2. Cut & Trace Fish
  3. Fish Coloring Page
  4. Magnetic Fishing Game
  5. Fish-themed Library Books
  6. Goldfish Sorting
  7. Aquarium Sensory Jar
  8. Silly Fish Item Match
  9. F-I-S-H Activity
  10. Open-Ended Fish Bowl Craft

Paper and Fish Punches

  • Scraps of paper
  • 2 Fish punches
  • Small silicone cupcake cups to put punches in

Cut & Trace Fish

  • Cardstock printable from Worksheet Fun – thank you!
  • Scissors and crayons
  • I traced and cut a couple parts as examples.

Fish Coloring Page

  • Fish printable on cardstock
  • Skinny Crayola markers in a cup (with fish on it!)

Magnetic Fishing Game

Fish-themed Library Books

Fish Sorting

  • Laminated cardstock squares with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Goldfish container with pretzel Goldfish inside
  • Lakeshore Learning sorting tray

Sensory Jar

  • Fish-themed mason jar
  • Inside: fish punched out of foam, shells, artificial grass, glitter, blue food coloring and water
  • Sealed with thread seal tape AND duct tape for good measure
  • (I had planned this to be in a baggie, but it kept leaking!)

Silly Fish Item Match

  • Silly Fish bath book
  • Plus six objects that match the different “fish” in the book (Car-fish, Star-fish, etc.)

F-I-S-H Activity

  • Bright poster letters taped on black paper, laminated
  • At first, we gave him matching colors of foam letters F, I, S and H to match
  • Later, we added some more – felt letters and pieces from his and Alphabet Go Fish! Game

Open-Ended Fish Bowl Craft

  • Fish bowl printable
  • Laminated bowl (for future use), used double-stick tape to attach clear contact paper
  • Random craft pieces – shell sequins, pipe cleaners bent like fish, tissue paper, ribbon pieces
  • When he was done, we covered the finished project with another sheet of clear contact paper and cut the edges, making a cool finished fish bowl!

He was all over the printable tracing fish – though he mostly was cutting it. I ended up printing him four more pages on colored paper. The lighter weight paper was definitely easier. Once he got over that he couldn’t open the sensory jar, he liked it. :) His other favorite was the F-I-S-H spelling!

For our first Tot School theme, the Fish Tot Trays were a good fit. I found myself talking about fish at other times as well, including serving more fish for dinner than usual! We also watched a fish documentary and a couple related videos on the (highly recommended!) Brain Pop Jr. app.

The theme in general made things easier from a planning standpoint. It was nice to know what was next to do but activities could stay out longer if he was still interested.

He is more interested in school than he was two weeks ago; that’s all we can ask for!

More than 2 years later, we had a set of 13 Fish Preschool Trays!

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Cool Books for Fish Tot Trays

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