10 Money and Coins Tot Trays

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In the middle of the holiday season, I decided to bring in a Money theme! Why not, spending and saving is a big part of the holiday season for many families like ours.

As usual, I utilized a couple very helpful printables (thank you!) and if it wasn’t for the weather getting in the way, we would have made a special trip to the bank.

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But first, here is a closer look at our 10 Money and Coins Tot Trays…

Use money and coins for a tot school theme!

  1. Coin Matching
  2. Coin Magnifying
  3. Coin Counting Tray
  4. Pretend Money Cutting
  5. Blank Checks
  6. Make Your Own Money
  7. Highlighting Money
  8. Coin Word Tracing
  9. My Money Book
  10. Coin Cutting Practice

Coin Matching

  • First, collected a bunch of coin images, isolated, easily found with a Bing image search
  • In Publisher, made several empty boxes with a black border and ‘put’ a few coins inside
  • Gave E a container of coins to match on the coin cards.

Coin Magnifying

  • What a surprise – another pile of coins!
  • This time I simply included a small magnifying glass so he could take a closer look at the images and words on the coins.

Coin Counting Tray

Pretend Money Cutting Practice

  • I printed out this pretend money printable in color — thank you!
  • Gave to him with scissors for a little different of a take on cutting practice.

Blank Checks

  • Started with this cute blank check printable — thanks!
  • Printed that in color and trimmed the checks down to size
  • Filled out one as a sample, then gave him the rest with a regular pen.

Make Your Own Money

  • Thanks to PreKinders for this fun pretend money printable!
  • I just printed this out in black and white and gave him some markers!

Highlighting Money

  • Used this printable of tiny but realistic money — thanks!
  • I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I simply gave him some highlighters to color in the money!

Coin Word Tracing

  • I created these in Word using the Free ABC Print Dotted Font — (thank you!)
  • I included the name of the coin, two sets of its first letter (upper and lower case), then a picture of each coin
  • Then I printed, trimmed and laminated these, rounded the corners and put on a tray with a green dry erase marker.

My Money Book

  • Printed this wonderful money emergent reader by the Measured Mom — thank you!
  • Trimmed this to size, stapled in the corner, and we helped him with reading it!

Coin Cutting Practice

  • As how I usually make cutting practice strips, I used a table in Publisher with solid edges but dotted lines in the middle
  • Put the coin graphics within each ‘cell’
  • Printed in color and cut into strips for him to cut into individual squares.

Our Money and Coins Tot Trays theme ended up being a fun and relatively easy one! It was the first one I had done in quite a while without the help of a tot or pre-K pack! It’s obviously quite easy to find appropriate graphics and helpful printables.

As I said at the start, we wanted to add a trip to the bank on this theme. Another simple idea would simply be taking a can of coins to a Coinstar machine!

Back to some more learning centered around Christmas next!

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Cool Books for Money & Coins Tot Trays

Use money and coins for a tot school theme!

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