10 Most Random Preschool Themes

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Our not-so-little boy is now in half-day Montessori kindergarten, and we are evaluating our options for first grade and beyond. Homeschool was and has been GREAT but we live in a quite progressive area and it’s only fair to evaluate our options! That said, when I look back at our 2+ years of preschool, I laugh a little. The first year was pretty standard with our theme choices. Year two? We had a bit more variety. This inspired me to compile a quick list of our 8 most random preschool themes!

Pi, Hexagons and Martha Speaks - today we celebrate our most random preschool themes in our homeschool preschool!

Most Random Preschool Themes

O for Onions Preschool Trays

I start this by saying our random preschool themes began in year 2 of preschool. That is not entirely true, as one week where I asked E what his theme should be, he challenged me with Onions. Onions! We pulled it off and frankly it probably inspired what was to come afterwards.

12 Bread Preschool Trays

I’ll keep up with the food category with a what would certainly NOT be classified under “random preschool themes” in our home: Bread! As mentioned who knows how many times before, my multi-talented husband is an accomplished artisan bread baker. Having a theme for this was perfect, and I created a bread cutting pack for it too – see it exclusively on Totschooling!

We make Pi a bit more relatable to preschoolers with the help of Pie in this fun random preschool theme of 14 Preschool Pi and Pie Trays! Toys, repurposed items, and great printables round out a great week!

14 Preschool Pi and Pie Trays

I was certainly one of those high schoolers that celebrated Pi Day in full. That included making pies, too! So to me it does make sense to combine the two into its own week of school. We had fun looking at circumference and diameter and relating Pi to a preschooler.

Tennis Preschool Trays

At a time where I planned to do volleyball and lacrosse themes (still do!), it’s hard to say tennis should be on this list of random preschool themes. Yet here it is! Even though it was only 8 trays, it was a good week and a good fit within our various sports preschool themes we had throughout the year!

We are learning in preschool this week with a unique Knots & Boats preschool theme!

17 Preschool Knots & Boats Preschool Trays

This was another of those E-inspired random preschool themes, whether he knew it or not! He had been talking about knots and I wanted to bring that into school. But a week of knots? I don’t think so. So you tie knots on boats, right? Having done so many transportation themes it was easy to do boats as well.

8 Hexagon Preschool Trays

One summer we emphasized animal themed posts nearly every other week. This past summer, partly for convenience, we did a lot of shape themes! One week I was trying to decide between octagons and hexagons, and I ended up going with the latter. Perhaps decagons and decahedrons would have been true random preschool themes!

As so many materials focus on many shapes, it was easy to pick out hexagon worksheets and materials. And in the end I learned that octagon school wouldn’t have been all that tough!

11 Water, Ice & Snow Preschool Trays

Is this a random preschool theme? I’m not sure. Perhaps it is just a random combination. This was right when we switched to preschool so it is sentimental to me! It was also before he got hooked on worksheets, so you’ll find a lot of fine motor in this set.

9 Martha Speaks Preschool Trays

This and the next theme mark two of really the only shows E regularly likes on TV! Way back I had my reservations about doing Curious George tot school; I thought it would be too much of a distraction, and back then it was! But now it makes it more inviting. Of course in this week we worked on letters and utilized some free printables!

22 ways to learn with the Octonauts, a favorite of our random preschool themes!

22 Octonauts Preschool Trays

Here is the other “television-based” theme I am featuring here – the incomparable Octonauts! It is the only kids show I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone and everyone. Perfect morals and lessons, well-developed characters, and no excess whining! I love it. We used free resources from all over the place, plus the few items we own. A great week for sensory play as well!

Mail Preschool Trays

My final selection here is a not-so random preschool theme, but I wanted to include it because it went so well! We slotted this mail theme in right over the holidays when it was a good fit, plus a nice break from trees and gifts. Plus E was really into it. We came up with some cute ideas for a unique week.

Thanks for taking a look at my list of ten random preschool themes and I hope they inspire you in one way or another!

This collection of random preschool themes has been shared with Montessori Monday and The Homeschool Nook!

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