10 Plants Preschool Trays

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In May, there are many plants and flowers in our area, and events based on them! It’s a great time for a set of 10 Plants Preschool Trays!

This time we just didn’t have enough time to do a lot of what I printed, plus, we did a lot of outdoor activities that did not make it onto the trays. Take a look at the things we did indoors!

  1. Color by Shape
  2. Seed Starting
  3. Flower Pattern Blocks
  4. Water Wow! Book
  5. Growing Dice Game
  6. Fruit/Flower Sort
  7. Bean Plant Sequence Sort
  8. Find the F’s Page
  9. Flower Shapes & Colors Book
  10. Life Cycle of a Plant Booklet

Color by Shape

  • This cool Flower Color by Shape activity is from Making Learning Fun — thank you!
  • As usual, I printed this as is in black and white, colored in the key for him at the bottom, then gave him the colored pencils to do the rest.

Seed Starting

  • It’s a great time to start seeds indoors! We used a
    small version of this Jiffy Greenhouse Starter kit
  • We had several kind of seeds to try, from flowers to lettuce and herbs.
  • Dad helped E set things up, and in only a few days sprouts started to show!

Flower Pattern Blocks

Water Wow! Book

Growing Dice Game

  • I made this game based off this flower dice game found on Pinterest — thank you!
  • I used clipart of a leaf on a stem, saved one reversed, then used Photoscape to build graphics with 1-6 leaves
  • I also found clipart of two bright flowers
  • Finally, a simple Dicecapades Kids Version die makes this game. Roll the die and add that many leaves to your flower!

Fruit/Flower Sort

  • Is it a fruit or a flower? Figure it out with this free categorizing page from Education.com!

Bean Plant Sequence Sort

  • This great set is from the Garden Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations — a neat way to watch how a bean plant changes!

Find the F’s Page

  • I seriously can’t find who this is from. Please comment if it is yours so I can give you credit!!

Flower Shapes & Colors Book

  • This wonderful little book is part of the Garden Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations!
  • I printed this in color and trimmed the pages, but didn’t bind them. I figured he would like to lay them out.

Life Cycle of a Plant Booklet

This was one of those weeks that went by really, really fast! Looking back I think it was our first really nice few days of weather so it was great for looking outside at real flowers, bulbs, and so on.

I am thinking of doing a sunflower theme later this fall, so I imagine a lot of what I missed using with this theme can be used then. In the meantime, check out some more of our seasonal themes!

Linked up over at the Preschool and Kindergarten Community Linkup hosted by Homeschool Creations, as well as Practical Mondays, Motivational Monday, Mommy Solutions, Hearts for Home Blog Hop, The Homeschool Link-Up, and the Laugh & Learn Linkup!

Cool Plants Preschool Books

Perfect for a Spring theme, we had fun learning about plants in preschool!

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4 thoughts on “10 Plants Preschool Trays

  1. I’m learning that trays work really well for preschool. Thanks for these great ideas!

    Can I ask you where you get your trays and materials? I would like to do something like this for Grayson next year. I love this type of learning.

    • First of all thank you for hosting the great link-ups! :)

      I work on the cheap. My favorites are a standard wooden tray from Michaels and the Easy-Clean trays from Lakeshore Learning. I also like the Madesmart bins (affiliate link) and honestly, clipboards! I use a LOT of free printables from ladies in the Kid Blogger Network, Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, and wherever else (PBS Kids, that sort of thing)! Then after that I have a decent stash of craft supplies and kitchen items that I use for fine motor skills and such. My emphasis is doing it cheaply, though! :)

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