10 Robot Preschool Trays!

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Now that we are deep into winter, I try to minimize the number of errands we need to run. It’s just not fun out there! Part of that is getting several weeks of school done at a time. When I was brainstorming ideas for January through March, I decided to ask E, “What would you want your school to be about?” He didn’t think about it long before he answered, “Robots!”

So thanks to some cute free printables, this was quite an effective week of school!

  1. Lots of Robots
  2. Robot Cutting Practice
  3. Robot Shapes
  4. Robot Numbers and Uno Card Match
  5. Robot Dough Tray
  6. Build a Robot
  7. Robot Fractions
  8. Robot Parts
  9. Robot Drawing Prompts
  10. Rr Robot Tracing

Lots of Robots

Robot Cutting Practice

  • This is from the Robot Preschool Pack by Homeschool Creations — thanks!
  • Printed in color, cut in strips and gave to him with scissors

Robot Shapes

  • This is another activity from the Robot Pack by Homeschool Creations
  • These were printed in color, trimmed and a red pencil was provided.

Robot Numbers and Uno Card Match

  • I used the count & clip cards from the Robot Pack but cut the three solutions off the bottom
  • I gave him a pile of ‘cards,’ 0-9, plus cards from the Uno Card Game
  • Match the robot whose number matches each Uno card. This is a tough one!

Robot Dough Tray

Build a Robot

  • This is the free Build a Robot Worksheet from Education.com
  • The worksheet has squares and rectangles to cut and put on the proper part of the robot’s body. So I set that up plus gave him scissors and glue
  • This is such a neat way to practice cutting and do something with the pieces!

Robot Fractions

  • This is also from Jolanthe of Homeschool Creations’ Robot Pack – thanks!
  • I cut printed the pages in color and trimmed the four robots.
  • I put the four fraction circles inside a lid
  • Dad helped explain this to him — fractions are a pretty new concept!

Robot Parts

  • Just gave him a tray (rather, saucer from a flower pot) with some loose washers, nuts, and bolts!
  • This was inspired by this Loose Parts pin — thanks!

Robot Drawing Prompts

  • This is another amazingly cute and engaging free printable, Robot Drawing Prompts by Picklebums!
  • I first just gave him the 3 sheets printed on regular letter sized paper. But…
  • He liked this so much, I ended up making the robots 4-up on a page and printing several more.

Rr Robot Tracing

  • This is the last activity we used from the Robot Preschool Pack – thank you!
  • Again, I just printed this and gave it to him as is with a pen to use for tracing.

This theme was fun! He’s doing a great job with the worksheets. He also really liked those awesome Robot Drawing Prompts! As I said above I did end up printing a few more sets for him!

This week was originally planned around a trip that would have taken us to a science center out of town, but that trip had to be rescheduled. That is OK, we will visit that robot again soon! Up next we are going with the calendar and having a week of Valentine-inspired school.

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