11 Basketball Preschool Trays!

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I am certainly a “sports fan.” I have always had an affinity for what used to be my local pro baseball team, and later I learned to enjoy hockey. While football and basketball are entertaining, I have never been into the pro leagues (and way less now with fantasy)! Now we live in a college town and it is fun to support the teams, and am taking advantage of home games and matches to plan interactive themes. This week we are learning with 11 Basketball Preschool Trays!

If you are interested check out our other sports-themed learning: Sports Tot Trays, Hockey Tot Trays, Hockey Preschool Trays, and Baseball Preschool Trays! (Don’t forget the updated Hockey Tot & Pre-K Pack!)

This set of basketball preschool trays would have been quite improbable without the Free Basketball Preschool Unit from A Teaching Mommy! THANK YOU!

We continue our sports preschool themes with a week of Basketball, perfect for March or anytime!

  1. Basketball Perler Beads
  2. Make a (Play Dough) Basketball
  3. Basketball Spelling
  4. Open Ended Pom Pom Game
  5. Finding Basketballs in the Sensory Bin
  6. Basketball Addition
  7. Jersey Colors
  8. Number of Basketballs
  9. Jersey Designing
  10. Letter Stamping
  11. Shoot & Score Line Tracing

Basketball Perler Beads

  • We used the Perler Biggie bead tray and the basketball template that came with it to build a basketball with Perler Biggie Beads!
  • This is honestly the best design among all of the templates provided with the tray!

Make a (Play Dough) Basketball

  • I have printed out several of the How to Draw Sports pages by Katie Morris Art (thank you!) But I did decide to use the page in a different way!
  • I made a new batch of dough in a copper shade (preparing for a later use of it) and gave him a small ball of it on this tray. To that we added just a few short strands of black beading cord (trimmed to this size during our week of Music Tot Trays).
  • Use the strands and the how to draw sheet to make the dough ball look like a basketball!

Basketball Spelling

  • This is one of the several activities available from the Free Basketball Preschool Unit from A Teaching Mommy!
  • Here we added a bunch of wooden letter tiles, including the letters in BASKETBALL
  • Two B’s, two A’s, two L’s! I don’t think you really look at words this way until you have a young reader in your house!

Open Ended Pom Pom Game

  • The key here is open ended! I first collected a few orange pom poms, plus an orange, numbered die from a dollar store set.
  • To this I added two infamous gray dollar store baskets. They make nice basketball hoops (as used before with Sports Tot School!)

Finding Basketballs in the Sensory Bin

  • This bin’s base is my favorite bean mixture – evolved! This time along with black beans and blackeyed peas, there are pink beans and pinto beans! It looked perfect for this.
  • Within the bin I addeed a few felt basketball stickers, basketball erasers, circular big plastic buttons and smaller plastic buttons and orange pom poms!
  • A blank pencil and notebook were included as I wanted him to explore ways that he could record what he finds.

Basketball Addition

  • A great free resource that fits right in with this theme is the basketball addition worksheet from Education.com!

ALL of the rest of what follows is from Free Basketball Preschool Unit from A Teaching Mommy! Thank you!

Jersey Colors

  • This is one of my favorite kinds of printables. And the concept of coloring jerseys is neat!
  • I ended up coloring some too. Fun!

Number of Basketballs

  • I love how this activity matches the theme — vertical basketballs near a hoop!

Jersey Designing

  • I was happy that my favorite type of printable was included in this pack. I appreciate its open-endedness!

Letter Stamping

  • I went to get out stamps for this and was rather disappointed – the “B” was all bent so all it could stamp was two small lines! So, I got out the only letter stamps I have: very tiny ones!

Shoot & Score Line Tracing

  • Such a cute application for prewriting!

This week of basketball preschool trays could easily have been “Orange Preschool”! It is my favorite color and I liked seeing a lot of it on his school shelf!

Does anyone remember the older Curious George TV episodes? I admit the memories are vague for me but I do remember the Basketball one specifically!

This set of basketball preschool trays is our second of several sports preschool themes we are doing this winter and early spring. Come by for Volleyball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Football, and a new week of Baseball!

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Cool Books for Basketball Preschool Trays!

Fun printables and hands-on learning with out Basketball Preschool Trays!

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