11 Mail Preschool Trays!

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Two non-holiday themes I really wanted to do this December were preschool edition of Money Trays as well as Mail Preschool Trays! Both are quite appropriate for the holiday season, and we had a cool set of money tot trays last December. But, as our preschooler’s attention span this holiday season is about 10% of what it was last year, we decided to lighten the load and just do one of them right now. So here we present 11 Mail Preschool Trays!

11 mail preschool trays - a fun week of preschool homeschool!

  1. Alphabet Sorting
  2. Sorting A-L and M-Z
  3. DIY Dry Erase Mail
  4. Cutting & Memory Game
  5. Trace the Lines
  6. Color your Own Stamps
  7. Sight Words
  8. Stamps from Around the World
  9. Mail Word Tracing
  10. Holiday Stamp Coloring
  11. What Belongs at the Post Office?

Alphabet Sorting

  • Ideas here are inspired by the alphabet mail activity from the always inspiring 123 Homeschool 4 Me — thank you so much!
  • I wanted to make little “envelopes” (actually various sizes of trimmed colored index cards) but I couldn’t decide what names to write on them. So, I went with various Phineas & Ferb characters! (I did have to look up the names of the Fireside Girls!
  • As for a mail sorting bin, I went with a silicone giant ice cube tray, labeled with the letters to put in each…

Sorting A-L and M-Z

  • Later in the week I repurposed the P&F mail from above.
  • This time I labeled two metal mail truck toys with “A-L” and “M-Z.”
  • Now he just needed to figure out how to sort into the correct pile!

DIY Dry Erase Mail

Cutting & Memory Game

Trace the Lines

Color your Own Stamps

  • E always loves these blank “template” style coloring pages. I was so happy to find this perfect Postage Stamps template from SheKnows – thank you!
  • I gave him 3 copies with some washable markers — that’s it!

Sight Words

  • Our sight word journey continues! This week’s trio of words were AWAY, HELP, and THE!

Stamps from Around the World

  • I was looking for something like this and was happy to find it!
  • To take a look at some stamps around the world, we used the stamp memory game from the Mail Carrier Unit by Confessions of a Homeschooler. Thanks!
  • As usual I gave him a pair of scissors with this page.

Mail Word Tracing

Holiday Stamp Coloring

  • He loved these! With the holdiays coming we printed two stamp coloring pages here and here! Paired these with Crayola Twistables crayons.
  • Let’s not talk about how first class postage used to cost 29 cents….

What Belongs at the Post Office?

  • We round this theme out with a cute worksheet via Education.com – the Post Office Game (or, What Belongs at the Post Office?

Another one we didn’t use this time around was the Classy Mail activity from Teachers Notebook!

Man the holiday season has seemed to be quite the brain drainer!! The same is probably happening to his dad and I too, but it is not so blatant! That said, E is quite the drawer and crafter, so he is surely keeping his mind busy in other ways. He often draws robots and we’ve noticed they have hit a next level of detail — and they are even more “symmexical” (his preference!) The joy of home preschool — being able to assess what counts as “learning”!

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Books and More for a Mail Preschool Theme!

Mail Preschool Theme ideas!

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