11 Pattern Blocks Preschool Trays!

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Rainy weather forced me to postpone one of my planned spring sports preschool themes, so I needed something new. Trying to build (haha) on his love of blocks and building right now, I thought I’d try to tie a theme around pattern blocks! (That link goes to my favorite set of wooden ones — most like the ones I loved while I was in school!)

So thanks to great free resources and ideas, I’m happy to present 11 Pattern Blocks Preschool Trays!

I adored pattern blocks as a kid and thought it would be fun to have a pattern blocks preschool theme! Get links to free printables and ideas!

  1. Pattern Blocks Preschool Sight Words
  2. Subtraction with Blocks
  3. Color Your Own Pattern Blocks
  4. Fill the Triangle
  5. Magnetic Patterns
  6. Pattern Blocks Preschool Graph
  7. Pattern Strips
  8. Paper Craft with Pattern Shapes
  9. Geometric Pattern Block Templates
  10. Pattern Blocks Turkey
  11. Graph Recording Sheet

Pattern Blocks Preschool Sight Words

  • This is solely based off this Sight Words activity, thank you for the idea!
  • I wrote a few simple sight words on paper squares, and gave him an example of how you could build the word “is” with blocks.

Subtraction with Blocks

  • This way of teaching subtraction is everywhere so thank you everyone!
  • I made some quick problems on the computer, such as 5 squares at the size of the orange square pattern block, then 5-2 and a blank to write in the answer.
  • Use the square and rhombus blocks to figure out the answer!

Color Your Own Pattern Blocks

Fill the Triangle

  • I really liked the challenge here – how many ways can you fill the triangle? All we need here are pattern blocks and this awesomely helpful triangle printable!

Magnetic Patterns

Pattern Blocks Preschool Graph

  • Here we used This Reading Mama’s awesome Pattern Block Graph & Tally Pack so we could practice graphing!
  • I placed 10 or less of each kind of block in the container for this process.

Pattern Strips

  • Naturally we wanted to do something with patterns this week, and you know how much I love functional printables in black and white. These pattern block strips (I used the black and white ones) are great, and show what kind of pattern each one is.

Paper Craft with Pattern Shapes

Geometric Pattern Block Templates

  • Oh wow, how cool are these geometric pattern block templates! What an amazing resource (and in black and white, no less)!
  • I printed out the whole set but this time we just used the hexagons.

Pattern Blocks Turkey

  • I wanted some sort of template where a few blocks were easy, but they would need to be filled in otherwise. This Thanksgiving turkey pattern block mat fit the bill perfectly!
  • Please note that this version is from the bottom of the page as one of the “challenge” activities. I liked how some of the pieces to place were clear to help get him started, but would promote him to think through the more abstract part.

Graph Recording Sheet

  • This is another great resource from the free Pattern Block Graph & Tally Pack
  • I loved how adaptable this activity is.

  • I decided to give the reigns to him, in a sense. I put a pile of blocks in a container, and let him kind of decide how many blocks he wanted to use to make a design. Then, we’d help him use the recording sheet to keep track of what he did.

There are so many great pattern blocks printables and resources out there! Here are a few more that we didn’t use this time around:

This was a really fun theme! I so distinctly remembering being done with schoolwork in first and second grade, then sitting in the back of the room and playing with these wonderful wooden blocks! I’m glad that we have been able to have fun playing and learning with them, too.

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Here you will find some fun ideas and free printables for learning with pattern blocks preschool!

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2 thoughts on “11 Pattern Blocks Preschool Trays!

  1. Can u imagine, we used pattern blocks for anything but what they are meant for. Such as spray painting silhouettes. hehe. These are great trays though! hopefully we shall use these ideas too!


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