11 Rabbit Preschool Trays!

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E was born with a pet rabbit in the house and she has since passed (though she lived to a be a teenager)! We certainly do miss that bunny every day. Many don’t believe us when we say she was the boss of both the cats we had while she was with us, but rabbit owners would understand that sentiment! When I was looking for an animal theme we had not yet done I knew focusing on bunnies would be a lot of fun. So here we go with 11 Rabbit Preschool Trays!

We honor our pet bunny with a fun week of Rabbit Preschool Trays!

  1. Parts of a Bunny
  2. Perler Biggie Beads & Rabbit Template
  3. Color by Number
  4. Bunny Peek-a-Boo
  5. Rabbit Books
  6. Tweak & Gup Octonauts Coloring Page
  7. Food for Bunnies
  8. R Worksheet
  9. Cookie Cutter Tracing
  10. Word Search
  11. Bunny Tangrams

Parts of a Bunny

Perler Biggie Beads & Rabbit Template

Color by Number

Bunny Peek-a-Boo

Rabbit Books

  • This week I feature two familiar books to him, but are unique finds from the local used bookstore.
  • Here are the space-traveling Astro Bunnies and we learn more about rabbits dancing, gardening and more with Bunnies and their Hobbies!

Tweak & Gup Octonauts Coloring Page

  • This cute coloring page of the tech bunny Tweak and her newest creation can currently be found on the collection of official Octonauts Coloring pages!

Food for Bunnies

  • I wanted to have a school use for the bunnies from the 123 Zoo and 123 Christmas in the Forest Advent Calendar from Playmobil…
  • So, I came up with a simple activity of E drawing, coloring, and cutting out miniature food for these miniature rabbits!

R Worksheet

Cookie Cutter Tracing

  • Here we use the bunny from the Spring Cookie Cutters as a stencil.
  • I collected a few jewel-toned washable markers and gave him a sample drawn on a square of ivory cardstock.
  • A cotton ball functions as an “eraser” for marker left behind on the cookie cutter.

Word Search

  • Here is a custom word search I made with bunny-centered words.

Bunny Tangrams

  • Like the Perler beads, I always like putting out the crepe rubber Tangrams Plus!
  • Here is the bunny themed template, along with more shapes than he’d need to fill it in.

I didn’t use these this time around but certainly will!

We hope you got some ideas of how to study bunnies in rabbit preschool, and would appreciate it if you check out all of our animal preschool themes!

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11 easy ideas and free printables among our 11 Rabbit Preschool Trays!

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