11 Traffic & Bus Tot Trays & Activities

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Here it is — my exciting bus theme! I am an avid bus rider and my son enjoys it as well, so I knew this one would be a hit. I don’t think I have had as much fun planning a theme.

Thanks to rainy days I knew a couple more active activities would be appreciated, so I have two “floor activities” here. I always do try to have a floor activity or a big sensory bin with each theme, if possible.

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But for now, here are our 11 Traffic & Bus Tot Trays & Activities!

11 traffic and bus themed tot school activities!

  1. Traffic Light Magnets
  2. Bus Counter Parking Lot
  3. Counting Bus Fares
  4. “STOP” and “BUS” Word Dry Erase Activity
  5. Bus & Traffic Light Dry Erase Activities
  6. School Bus Wheel Color Match
  7. Traffic Light Cutting & Gluing
  8. Laminated Bus Route & Buses
  9. Bus Coloring Pages
  10. Traffic Light Bean Bag Toss Floor Activity
  11. Bus Paper Piecing

Traffic Light Magnets

  • In Publisher, made three traffic lights. Filled a rectangle (rounded edges) with black, and put three white-filled circles on for a traffic light design
  • Added a rectangle as a post
  • Made three versions to accommodate the 3 sizes of round magnets
  • Placed this sheet and the 9 magnets on the trusty dollar store magnetic tray

Bus Counter Parking Lot

  • These are from the very fun Learning Resources Minimotors Counters 72-piece set
  • In Publisher, made a simple “parking lot” with 7 parallel lines, one large line at the top, plus numbered parking spots. Duplicated this to make 1-6 and 7-12.
  • I decided to make this more open-ended but you could easily put numbers on the buses to park in the proper spot.

Counting Bus Fares

  • First I found stock images of coins.
  • In Publisher, I made three sets of combinations that add up to $1.50, AKA the fare for the bus, using quarters, dimes, and nickels.
  • Printed these in color at the UPS Store — thankfully they didn’t think I was counterfeiting money.
  • Then, simply included a pile of coins to match up to the pictures!

“STOP” and “BUS” Word Dry Erase Activity

  • Using Publisher, made a simple table to create a handwriting page
  • For each word (STOP and BUS) I put the full word on top, a traceable version in the middle, and a blank section in the bottom to attempt to write the word
  • I put simple clipart up at the top, then printed B&W and laminated
  • (Now that E is getting older I will be including at least one writing-specific activity in each set)

Bus & Traffic Light Dry Erase Activities

  • For the bus mat, used Publisher to make the word “bus” and put a couple kinds of bus clipart items on top
  • For the traffic light, used the same method as the Traffic Light Magnets above, though I added the words Red, Yellow and Green
  • Printed both of these and laminated
  • Provided the traffic light colors in dry erase markers.
  • This is basically an interim activity for these printables — see below.

School Bus Wheel Color Match

  • Used an existing school bus graphic — thank you!
  • Made three versions, filling the wheels with red, blue or black
  • Provided a variety of red, blue and black things — pom poms, gems, buttons — to match to the wheels
  • I planned this months ago and realize it is rather simple for him now, but that is OK! That is why I included more items as well.

Bus & Map Floor Activity

  • Start with a map. I ended up using a local map, enlarged and printed across six pages.
  • Trim edges and laminate all pages
  • I used regular Scotch tape to tape the interior edges together, still allowing it to fold up upon itself
  • Provided four toy buses to drive on the roads!
  • My initial idea here was to print an actual bus route with stop signs as “stops,” but that would have been in black and white, and I liked the colored option.
  • Note: this is a fun way to introduce a child to a map of the town! This is your favorite park! This is the pet store! etc.

Traffic Light Cutting & Gluing

  • This is the same blank traffic light as the dry erase activity
  • Using Publisher I made simple circles with dotted lines for cutting
  • Printed circles on each of regular weight red, yellow and green colored copy paper
  • Included glue to glue his circles (or whatever shapes he cuts) onto the blank traffic lights

Laminated Bus Route & Buses

  • Here I took a large JPG of a map that was in color, and used Photoscape to easily split the image into 6 ‘pieces’
  • Then, placed each on its own page in Word, resulting in a six-page document.
  • Exported this to PDF and set to UPS to print in color
  • Trimmed and laminated each piece, then taped edges together
  • From there it was open ended; a fun thing to put on the floor or the ottoman and put toy buses on the “road”!

Bus Coloring Pages

  • Printed three coloring pages
  • Included triangular Crayola crayons

Traffic Light Bean Bag Toss Floor Activity

  • Simply: cut three circles, red, yellow and green, on the Silhouette. It’d be easy to cut yourself of course but since I have the machine, I used it.
  • Taped each circle to a piece of black cardstock
  • Took matching beanbags out of his Numbers Beanbag Set for tossing
  • You could tape this all to the ground, and also use masking tape to make a line to toss from.

Bus Paper Piecing

  • Fun craft based off this school bus — thank you!
  • Used the Silhouette to cut shapes: yellow bus, black circles (wheels), rounded corner squares (windows) and slim rectangle (to hold stop sign), red stop sign and headlight (I can’t tell you why I made it red) and a white square w/rounded corners for a window
  • I made one as a sample and gave him a glue stick to make another one!

We had a lot of fun with this set of bus tot trays! As usual it was quite inexpensive. The color copies were all done months ago (when I originally planned this time!) I don’t usually buy things specifically for themes, but the Learning Resources Minimotors Counters were a little irresistible. Obviously though, they’ll be used many, many more times!

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 33 months old! Also linked up over at Tuesday Talk, Mom’s Library, Everything Early Childhood Link Up, and the Parenting Pin It Party!

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Ideas for traffic and bus themed tot school!

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