11 Valentine Preschool Trays!

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In 2014, my Valentine’s Day Tot School post was my first real school theme! It naturally has led to my most successful pin so far! Thanks to all who have repinned it and ended up on this site!

So, it was time to update this theme for preschool in 2015. We used a couple elements again, namely the conversation heart sticker shadows. So, it was time to update this theme for preschool in 2015. We used a couple elements again, namely the conversation heart sticker shadows. Then in 2016 we had a set of 12 Valentine’s Preschool Trays!

I hope you love our 11 Valentine Preschool Trays!

  1. Heart Pin Sheet
  2. Count by 10s
  3. Heart Candy Cutting
  4. Heart Tracing on paper bags
  5. Heart Tangrams
  6. Heart Sight Words Cutting
  7. Upper & Lowercase Letter Match
  8. Heart Sight Words Matching
  9. Valentine Sensory Tray w/lentils
  10. Yarn Tracing Sheet
  11. Conversation Heart Shadow Sticker Match

Heart Pin Sheet

  • I started out with heart picks we bought last year at the dollar store
  • He was enjoying poking the foam block (below), so we made another activity using picks.
  • We simply made hearts using the shapes provided with Publisher, then changed the line of it to big dots.
  • This was a hit as Dad looked up more pin pages to print!

Count by 10s

  • This begins with the numbers provided in the February Math & Literacy Centers by Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten on TPT — thanks!
  • I trimmed the numbers 10-100 to size
  • Then, I (roughly!) drew the numbers 10-20 with a Sharpie on a scrap piece of foam, with dots to place the heart picks used above.
  • The goal is to count by 10’s and match the numbers!

Heart Candy Cutting

  • This very cute is from the Cut It Out! Cutting Practice Pack for Valentines from This Reading Mama – thank you!
  • I printed the “candy” sheet in color and trimmed it to size
  • The corresponding shapes were printed in black and white and given to him with scissors and glue!

Heart Tracing on paper bags

  • For Christmas, E made his own gift bags by decorating plain white paper bags, so we decided to do that for Valentine’s!
  • First, the white bags were found at Wal-Mart with the plastic wrap, foil, etc. Very good deal!
  • (I fold down the flap at the lower part of the bag so he can color away without his drawing being on the bottom of the bag!)
  • Then, I gave him four hearts to trace — a candy lid, two heart cookie cutters, and a plastic button
  • Finally, we picked the Valentine colors out of his nice colored pencils for tracing the hearts.

Heart Tangrams

  • Our favorite Lauri Tangrams make things easy with a cute heart sheet!
  • I also included another sheet so he could do some more matching with other (blue) shapes.

Heart Sight Words Cutting

  • This cute set of words was also from the Valentine set from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten!
  • I chose a few of the words, cut the hearts, but gave them to him with scissors to see if he would cut them down the middle!

Upper & Lowercase Letter Match

  • This is from the Valentine Turtles Upper and Lower Case Match by Lavinia Pop on TPT – thanks!
  • I just used the sheet for drawing lines between uppercase letters on one side and its corresponding matching lowercase letter.
  • This was rather hard for E to understand!

Heart Sight Words Matching

  • I printed two of the “A Heart Full of Words” worksheets from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten‘s printable via TPT.
  • I trimmed the words on one sheet and gave him the other sheet in full to do some sight word matching!

Valentine Sensory Tray w/lentils

  • Lentils may be my favorite for sensory play!
  • This is a big bag of pink ones, along with a few heart gems and plastic heart links
  • Provided a small beaker, a couple tiny red silicone muffin cups, cookie cutters, and a heart-shaped bowl.

Yarn Tracing Sheet

  • This sheet is from Confessions of a Homeschooler!
  • I actually had it printed last year! But being on pink paper it was great for this theme, and I gave him both a pen and pair of scissors.

Conversation Heart Shadow Sticker Match

  • This is one we actually did before!
  • So last time, I placed the heart stickers directly on the glass of the copy machine and made a copy with the lid up – the result is a cool set of shadows!
  • I cut these down to card size (these were his ‘Valentines’ last year) along with the conversation heart stickers to match.

So, I usually swap out weekly themes on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. That seems to mesh best with our family. Yet, come Feb. 15 – he wanted nothing to do with his Valentine preschool trays anymore! It was funny. So we ended it a day early. But, every day since he has said something like “we can still celebrate Valentine’s Day!” So, I guess we inadvertently gotten through to him.

As I said above, especially the letter matching worksheet was tough for him. In general, we are trying to find new ways for him to focus (isn’t every parent of a preschooler?) Personally, I think it is the cabin fever getting to him!

Up next is a theme he is bound to enjoy – the Octonauts!

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  1. These look great! So many ideas! Thank you for linking up to the Learn & Play Link Up. We hope to see another one of your posts there next week. I can’t wait to share these ideas with others!

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