11 Water, Ice and Snow Winter Preschool Trays

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Here is the final part of the Christmas-themed activities that I decided to spread over a few weeks. Having always wanted to do an “Ice and Water” theme – I went ahead and added snow in, too. No freezing rain, flurries and sleet — this is just Water, Ice and Snow!

We did do a play dough tray like the Play Dough Snow Bots by Stir the Wonder – that inexplicably didn’t end up with a photo! Thank you for the idea!

E and Dad did a ton of outdoor and science related activities, too! But my area setup of the trays, so please enjoy 11 Water, Ice and Snow Winter Preschool Trays!

  1. Snowflake Magnification Match
  2. Read, Write & Build
  3. Pretty Snowflake Coloring Page
  4. Sticker Block
  5. Water Stages + Water Cycle
  6. Snowman Sight Words
  7. “Ice” with Tongs
  8. Snowflake Making
  9. Snowman Parts
  10. Ice Size Sorting
  11. Ice Worksheet

Snowflake Magnification Match

  • I first saw this idea on Snowflake Matching Cards from My Montessori Journey — thank you!
  • I found clipart of various snowflakes on a black background and printed them in two different sizes
  • Gave him magnifying glasses to encourage him to make matches among the snowflakes!

Read, Write & Build

  • Three words in the theme = three words to read, write and build!
  • Used my regular template to make these cute little worksheets. Laminated them too.
  • For the “build” part I decided to provide a big pile of letters to mix things up a bit!

Pretty Snowflake Coloring Page

  • This very nice coloring and tracing page is from the free holiday printables on hibos.com. Please check out that site for other wonderful printables!
  • Put this on his desk with a set of markers.

Sticker Block

  • From the random activity files…
  • I looked through some of my many, many stickers from my scrapbook days. Came across this set of very thick photo-like stickers of snow and ice.
  • I opted to give him the stickers with a wooden block to put them on
  • Random, but this turned out pretty cute!

Water Stages + Water Cycle

  • As usual, I included some “facts” about his weekly theme
  • Water cycle chart is from InvestInGreenEnergy.com and water cycle from the Portland (ME) Water District — thank you!

Snowman Sight Words

  • I made my own snowman just like this Sight Word Bingo Craft from the Imagination Tree — thank you!
  • This is about the limits to my drawing ability (yes, E has passed me up). I drew a snowman with a big round bottom.
  • I am not very good at estimating, so I decided to write words twice on small white labels, stick one to the snowman and give the other to him to stick on top.

“Ice” with Tongs

  • Stepping back in time to do a simple (but appropriate!!) activity with tongs!
  • After realizing that the clear blocks in a set of Translucent Wedgits look like ice cubes, this was the basis for the activity.
  • Put six “cubes” in a small container
  • Gave him the small blue pair of tongs from this cool (no-pinch!) 3-piece nesting tongs set plus a small paint palette to put them in
  • (I thought that it may be mildly challenging to pick up the oddly-shaped pieces with the tongs.)

Snowflake Making

  • I broke into my husband’s stash of origami paper for this one!
  • To make simple snowflakes, I folded one paper in quarters and another in half
  • Gave him scissors for this supervised activity.

Snowman Parts

  • Printed the very cute Snowman Parts from the Snow and Ice printables from A Teaching Mommy — thank you!
  • I printed in color, trimmed, and laminated
  • I put small magnets on the back of the words, as well as gave him a pen to try and finish the words on the snowman
  • Put all of this on a cookie sheet for a nice display!

Ice Size Sorting

  • I printed out this little set of ice cubes clip art in five sizes
  • I cut them and ended up laminating them (not the plan, but I had extra space on my laminating sheets)
  • In Publisher I made a simple five-rectangle set with the numbers 1-5
  • Sort the cubes in order by size!

Ice Worksheet

So I set up this week of winter preschool trays a day late. The next day I get home from work to hear he had done 6 of the 7 activities already! Normally, he checks them all out but maybe does just one or two. So, I appreciate E getting the memo that he has “graduated” to pre-K! We ended up letting the theme run an extra day (so in the end, it was a normal week) as we had some snow in the forecast.

E is going to love the next theme. I will leave it at that for now.

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Discover water in the winter with our Snow, Ice and Water Preschool Trays!

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  1. Thanks for linking up today! These are great activities 🙂 I did something like this a while back with and put toys in a bowl of water and froze it! Happy Holidays, scheduled to share and tweet 🙂

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