12 Bird Tot Trays & Activities!

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Like Bugs, Birds is a theme we could utilize at least twice per year! As we have a bunch of printed activities to use next time, we’ll see birds again sooner than later! But for now, here are our dozen bird tot trays and activities:

  1. Birdseed Sensory Bin
  2. Learning about Birds
  3. How Many Feathers?
  4. Chick Dough Tray
  5. Build a Nest (Silhouette Cameo)
  6. My book of Birds!
  7. Bird Worksheets*
  8. Easter Grass Bird Nest
  9. Bird-themed Library Books
  10. Mom & Baby Pictures
  11. Building Bird Words*
  12. Sticker Pairing

Starred* items are from the Bird Preschool Pack by Homeschool Creations — thank you so much for the great materials!

Birdseed Sensory Bin

Learning about Birds

  • I printed some great color resources to show types of beaks, types of feet, and even birds from letters A to Z.

How Many Feathers?

  • I utterly and completely stole this idea from —From the Pond — thank you!
  • To make these cute birds, I made a bird body shape in Word with a semicircle
  • Then I added a triangular beak, removed the outline color and filled it in orange
  • Then I made an eye – a white circle with a black circle inside
  • Finally, I put a big number )1, 2, 3, or 4) on the bottom center of each bird. I filled each bird with a different color
  • Then, I gave him a pile of my new small clothespins from CraftParts.com to “pin” on the right number of “feathers”!

Chick Dough Tray

  • This is another easy setup for a play dough themed activity!
  • Gave him 3 little containers of dough
  • For the bird part, I added a chick cookie cutter (from a set of Easter cookie cutters) and some feathers
  • Also put some regular tools, a tart pan, rolling pin, and pizza-style cutter

Build a Nest (Silhouette Cameo)

My book of Birds!

  • As I often have, I made him a small book to color with different kinds of birds (Eagle, Toucan, Flamingo, etc.)
  • Instead of double-sided it was actually printed single-sided. I went with it — punching two holes at the top and threading a feather-like fibery string through the holes.
  • Put it in a tray with a set of crayons!

Bird Worksheets*

  • His “desk” activities this week were two laminated sheets from the Bird Preschool Pack — thank you!

Easter Grass Bird Nest

  • This is inspired by , thanks! I so wanted to do a huge bin, but settled with a large basket instead.
  • Filled a basket with some green and blue Easter grass
  • Added some plastic eggs, a couple feathers, and random bird stuffed animals (disregarding which birds would actually be sharing a nest together….) 🙂

Bird-themed Library Books

Mom & Baby Pictures

  • E still appreciates “moms and babies” so I thought he’d like bird specific ones!
  • I simply found four cute, but accurate pictures of mother birds with their babies, printed in color and gave to him to look at and ask questions about.

Building Bird Words*

  • From the Bird Preschool Pack — thanks!
  • This set is in the wonderful Montessori set-up
  • This is our first time using these – I can’t wait to see his pre-reading abilities in action!

Sticker Pairing

  • Went very simple here — printed out a set of circles slightly larger than our OTC bird stickers
  • I cut them out in pairs and stuck one sticker to one circle
  • Simply gave him more stickers to match them up!

My first takeaway from this week are those word cards! I felt like I gave him way too many but he latched on to them FAST. He has been practically down on himself saying he can’t read — you’re 3 buddy! — but this was a great achievement for him.

It was another fun week, so fun that I even treated him to a cute peacock stuffed animal. Believe me — you can never have too many stuffed animals.

Next we continue our celebration of the harvest season with Apples!

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 39 months old! Also shared over at the A Little Bird Told Me Link Party, Motivation Monday, Montessori Monday, Everything Early Childhood Link Up, Good Tips Tuesday, Turn it Up Tuesdays, Shine Blog Hop, and the Laugh & Learn Linkup!

Cool Books for Bird Tot Trays

Simple ideas for Bird Tot Trays!

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