12 Bread Preschool Trays

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I’ve mentioned here before that my husband is a bread baker. We’ve incorporated bread into learning before, but never had a full week of school on the subject. Now is the time, as this week of bread preschool syncs with my guest post over at Totschooling.net! Four activities here are part of the free Bread Cutting Practice pack I made that is only available at Totschooling.net! The graphics used in that pack are from the Yummy Breads Clip Art available on Teachers Pay Teachers — thank you!

We also did a bread science experiment with yeast and its details are available on that post as well. Please check it out!

In addition to the experiment, we had 12 Bread Preschool Trays, and here they are!

12 Bread Preschool Trays!

  1. Bread Cutting Strips
  2. Bread Cutting Shapes
  3. Slicing Bread
  4. Bread Symmetry
  5. Breads Around the World
  6. Bread Coloring Pages
  7. Bread Dough Tray
  8. Bread Photo Puzzles
  9. Wheat Germ Tracing Tray
  10. Read/Trace/Draw/Build: Bread
  11. Wooden Bread Set
  12. Bread Magnet Math

Bread Cutting Practice Pack!

Breads Around the World

  • First, I printed a nice quality world map
  • Then, I found various images of breads from around the world, including France, Italy, South Africa and India
  • This activity was to be done with my husband’s direction, but, you could easily make it more self-service by adding color coded stickers to the map and bread pictures.

Bread Coloring Pages

Bread Dough Tray

  • Ironically, this is regular play dough!
  • Anytime my husband makes bread he leaves a bit for E to play with, and it always involves some dough tools. So this is just the same thing, but with play dough for school.

Bread Photo Puzzles

  • Here I simply trimmed two photos of my husband’s bread into 2″ x 2″ pieces
  • Gave E two sets of photo pieces to put together. It was actually pretty hard to do!

Wheat Germ Tracing Tray

  • Rather than flour, I made a tray from wheat germ for tracing
  • For another change from the usual, I included some shape flash cards from the dollar store (rather than the letters or numbers I normally do)
  • The wheat germ was of course on the Tidy Tray. I also included a pitcher (in case he felt like pouring), a paint brush, and a rolling pin recipe card holder to hold the flash card.

Read/Trace/Draw/Build: Bread

  • We started the bread theme by learning how to read, trace, draw and build the word!
  • This time I included alphabet beads for him to build the word.

Wooden Bread Set

Bread Magnet Math

  • This is another activity using a photo of my husband’s bread (specifically, a set of Hawaiian-style rolls!)
  • I trimmed the rolls from the photo, laminated them and trimmed them again
  • Then, I made a set of simple addition and subtraction problems in Publisher, using a rounded rectangle (AKA easy to cut)
  • I also made two blank versions: ____ + ____ = ____ and ____ – ____ = ____ and laminated those as well
  • Finally, gave him all this on a dollar store platter (conveniently magnetic), wooden tray to organize the pieces, and a dry erase marker.

Usually, this is where I thank whomever provided awesome printables and activities for this week’s theme. This time I get to thank Totschooling for the wonderful guest posting opportunity! It was challenging and cool and it was a nice push to get another free printable out there. I want to help as so many people have helped me!

Visit Totschooling.net
to download the FREE
Bread Science Experiment AND Bread Cutting Practice Pack!

Our bread theme was quite fun, naturally. E’s play food and kitchen is upstairs of late, so having the bread downstairs with school was a fun treat. The boys made bread three times as well!

Thanks for checking out our 12 Bread Preschool Trays and be sure to head to Totschooling.net for free printables perfect for your own bread or food theme!

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Cool Bread Preschool Books

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    • Hi! They definitely aren’t in one day; they are usually over the course of a week. He gets 5-7 at a time. Some he does once, others more than once! 🙂

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