12 Fire Preschool Trays!

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The first “thing” E really got into was typically boy: fire and fire fighters! He recently started playing with his Hape Firehouse and that inspired me to set up a week of fire preschool!

Several of the printables used in this theme are from the Fire Fighter Printables Pack. Thank you for the always wonderful resources!

Feel free to step back in time to our 14 Fire Tot Trays and 12 More Fire Tot Trays, or read on for more on our 12 Fire Preschool Trays!

We revisit a favorite tot school theme with Fire Preschool!

  1. Fire Fighter 3-Part Cards
  2. Color Fire Extinguishers
  3. Fireman Sam Books
  4. Rescue Bots Firefighters! Book
  5. Word Search
  6. Number Matching
  7. Dot to Dot Firehouse
  8. Curious George and the Firefighters
  9. Paper Piecing Flame Craft
  10. Cutting Strips
  11. Connect Four Game
  12. Number Maze

Fire Fighter 3-Part Cards

  • We used these cute cards in tot school! Thank you Our Little Monkeys for this activity from the Fire Fighter Tot Pack!

Color Fire Extinguishers

  • Thank you to Gift of Curiosity for this fun coloring activity! We matched it with some simple crayons.

Fireman Sam Books

  • At this point, this is an oldie but a goodie. I do not need to rant again about how we only like the “middle” Fireman Sam – post claymation but pre-Americanization. Anyway…
  • This is a cute set of Fireman Sam Books that we ordered from the U.K.

Rescue Bots Firefighters! Book

  • It wouldn’t be fire preschool without Heatwave and he stars in this Rescue Bots Firefighters! Book!
  • This cute book wonderfully combines the familiar characters of Heatwave, Kade and Cody from Rescue Bots with real photos of firefighters and their equipment.

Word Search

Number Matching

  • For this activity, we started out with all the firetrucks from the Minimotors Counters.
  • I wrote the numbers and words for 1-6 on small labels to encourage matching up the numeral and word!

Dot to Dot Firehouse

  • I was impressed at how E instantly colored in this firehouse after connecting the dots. Thank you Gift of Curiosity for the creative activity!

Curious George and the Firefighters

Paper Piecing Flame Craft

  • I love to put out a paper craft whenever possible! Here we make cute little flames.
  • I used some paper scraps in various shades of yellow, red, and orange, but if you need to replenish your supply get a great deal on colored paper!
  • I also included smaller scraps of gold paper to be the back, “pop-up” part of the flame.
  • All I did was make a sample with varying sizes of color to look like a flame, then glued a folded gold piece on the back to allow it to stand on its own.

Cutting Strips

  • I liked the variety among the cutting strips included in the Gift of Curiosity fire-themed printables pack!

Connect Four Game

  • It’s red and yellow! So we thought that was enough to put out the classic Connect Four game in this week of fire preschool!

Number Maze

Here are some simple ideas for fire preschool!

This is surely the longest time between the ““tot school” and “preschool” versions of a theme, and was interesting to see that gap. Both instances of fire tot school were before I had a job and I appreciated the effort I put in back then! Time sure flies.

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