12 Money Preschool Trays!

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Two years in a row now we have had a money homeschool theme right around the holidays! This year it was our first theme after our own “winter break”.

I have so many more money themed activities to use — we will surely revisit the theme again this year when I have more energy! 🙂

Here is an easy set of 12 money preschool trays!

12 Money Preschool Trays!

  1. Coin Cards & Change Maker
  2. Coin Circle Cutting Practice
  3. Color your Own Money
  4. My Money Book
  5. Octonauts Coin Match
  6. Brainpop Jr. Movies
  7. Coin Rubbing
  8. DIY Coin Patterns
  9. Color Dog Money
  10. Dry Erase Coin Words
  11. Drops on a Penny Experiment
  12. Check Writing

Coin Cards & Change Maker

  • Hey, I got to use my belt change dispenser in this activity! Woohoo!
  • This was paired with some coin cards from the free Money Money Money activity available from Teachers Pay Teachers — thanks!

Coin Circle Cutting Practice

  • What a great way to practice counting circles! I had these printed before — simply stock images of coins on white cardstock.

Color your Own Money

My Money Book

  • We again used the simple and absolutely wonderful money emergent reader by the Measured Mom – thank you again! 🙂

Octonauts Coin Match

  • Already printed from Octonauts School, we were glad to again use this money activity from the Octonauts Pre-K Pack by 1+1+1=1 – thank you!
  • (Funny enough, a couple Octonauts will be on our next week’s theme as well – stay tuned!)

Brainpop Jr. Movies

  • We have a subscription to Brainpop Jr. and love the videos they have on money and math!

Coin Rubbing

  • Another simple coin exploration activity. I felt Post-Its would work well for doing some coin rubbing — tuck the coin under a Post-It and color away!

DIY Coin Patterns

  • This is much like last year’s Coin Counting Tray, except we are checking out patterns this time!

Color Dog Money

  • I knew E would love coloring this dog money – both bills and coins!

Dry Erase Coin Words

Drops on a Penny Experiment

Check Writing

  • Once again we used this blank check printable — thanks!
  • We planned to show him some real checks so he could get an idea where numbers and words go.

As I alluded to, I just wasn’t feeling it this week! There were SO many other activities we could have done but we just did not have the time. Here are some great ones not to miss:

The Drops on a Penny activity ended up occurring in the bath tub of all places! Just a nickel and a pipette was all he needed for the most educational bath he had in a while.

Money Preschool: we will see you again soon.

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Cool idea for money preschool trays!

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