12 More Fire Fighter and Fire Tot Trays!

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Week one and we are sticking to our plan! Way back when we did our first set of fire tot trays, I was utilizing a tot pack for the first time. I did all the trimming and laminating back then. A few months later, I have most of a week of school all ready to go. Good deal!

The boy still loves Fireman Sam and firefighters in general so this theme is still a lot of fun. Yet, I am going to take this opportunity to rant. My household does NOT(!!!) approve of the new Fireman Sam badly dubbed “for Americans”. Why would residents of Pontypandy have New York accents?! Ugh. Regardless, the new branding has come with some cool printables and other activities. Boycotting those over principles won’t get me anywhere, so I have decided to use them anyway. But it is hard telling E that those new Sam’s he sees on Amazon “don’t work”! As we did a few months ago, I recommend you grab the Fireman Sam DVDs while you can!

(You know, though, many people were upset when Sam, like Thomas, went from clay to CGI. So I guess this is just like that. But seriously, if you want to change everything, just make a new show!)

Anyway, on a much more positive note, thank you once again to Our Little Monkeys for the awesome tot pack! These items are marked with a *star below. Enjoy our new look of fire tot trays!

  1. Five Brave Firefighters
  2. Fire Station w/ Numbered Counters
  3. “Jenga” Tower w/ Flames
  4. Cutting Practice
  5. Fireman Sam Tile Puzzle
  6. Firetrucks by Size*
  7. Mini Fire Puzzles*
  8. Fireman Sam Coloring
  9. Put out the ‘F’ires
  10. Fight the Flames!
  11. Tom Thomas Maze
  12. Match the Shadows*

Five Brave Firefighters

  • I can’t thank Read, Rhyme and Sing enough for this great activity! I copied it exactly.
  • The only thing I did differently was where I placed it. I printed the poem, attached it to a regular tray with washi tape. Then I attached the pole (pipe cleaner) with washi as well.
  • I really struggle with the ‘nursery rhymes’ and sing song-y stuff. But I liked this one!!

Fire Station w/ Numbered Counters

  • This activity was inspired by Teach Preschool — thank you!
  • As usual I started with Publisher. I created a thick red square, then placed two red rectangles inside as firetruck ‘parking’ spots.
  • I labeled each as Fire Station #__ (1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • I printed these in cardstock and trimmed, one station per about 4″ square.
  • Finally, I took four of the five pairs of firetrucks out of his Learning Resources Minimotors Counters. I numbered each set with file folder labels.
  • I knew going into this he’d take out each ‘station’ and lay them in a line on the floor.
  • Now, park the firetrucks at each station!

“Jenga” Tower w/ Flames

  • Kudos to my husband for keeping his colored “Jenga” set! (It is not branded “Jenga” but is very close. The blocks come in navy blue, red and yellow.)
  • For this activity, we used just the red and yellow blocks and stuck them in a container.
  • We added the orange and yellow tissue paper “flames” that have been floating through our house since we needed a visible flame for a toy space ship
  • The intent is for him to build towers in ‘fire’ colors. Put them on “fire,” then we figure he will grab a firetruck to save the day!

Cutting Practice

  • Found scraps of paper in red, orange and yellow
  • I made an honest attempt to draw “flames” on the scraps with a black Sharpie
  • Gave him scissors to cut out the flames.

Fireman Sam Tile Puzzle

Firetrucks by Size*

  • Organize each of the five firetrucks by size! Fun for the floor!

Mini Fire Puzzles*

  • Love these! Gave him 3 of the puzzles at one time (four pieces each).

Fireman Sam Coloring

Put out the ‘F’ires

  • Printed this one in color, laminated and gave him a dry erase marker!

Fight the Flames!

  • This activity is from our first fire theme!
  • To summarize, it is four fire trucks, each with a number and shoelace ‘hose’ attached. Try to match the right hose to the correct number of flames on the other side!

Tom Thomas Maze

  • Hooray, it’s Tom Thomas! I printed this one on cardstock, trimmed, and gave him a pencil.

Match the Shadows*

  • A cute activity! I had previously trimmed and laminated all of these.

We enjoyed this theme, as we knew he would! It was interesting to see how much his ability has improved since the last time we did fire tot school. He also did a great job (as he has lately) of retrieving the trays on his own!

Next is another theme we are doing for a second time – Bugs!

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 38 months old! Also linked at Motivation Monday, Inspire Me Mondays, the Parenting Pin It Party, and TGI Saturdays!

Cool Books for Fire Tot Trays

More ideas for a fire theme in tot school or preschool!

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