12 Red and Blue Tot Trays for Color Tot School

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Red & Blue came to a close yesterday! This easy color tot school theme was fun to make and fun to do. Here is a round up of a dozen colorful and fun activities:

  1. Salt & Ring Pasta Pouring
  2. Shoelace Tying Practice
  3. Nuts & Bolts
  4. Foam Block “Graphing”
  5. Simple Uno Card Matching
  6. Tangrams
  7. Color Discovery with Scopes
  8. Open Ended Coloring
  9. Bears & Pattern Card
  10. Felt Board
  11. Sensory Bin
  12. Puzzles

Salt & Ring Pasta Pouring

Shoelace Tying Practice

  • Two shoes printed on cardstock – designed by Real Purdy – thank you!
  • Cut and laminated each shoe
  • Punched out holes for lacing laces (one each red and blue!)

Nuts & Bolts

  • One of our all-time favorites! Learning Resources Nuts And Bolts
  • Included one of each shape in each color, for eight total nut & bolt sets
  • I am curious to see what he will do — match by shape? Color? Mix things up?

Foam Block “Graphing”

  • Made simple grids in Word with each square either blank, with a “1” or a “2”
  • Colored in all numbered squares either red or blue
  • Laminated both grids
  • Included foam blocks from the dollar store
  • This is quite a challenge: can he not only match the colors but remember to put the 2nd one on those #2’s?

Simple Uno Card Matching

  • Using Uno Card Game, took out four cards in red and blue
  • Picked matching numbers, 1, 4, 5 and 8
  • We’ll see if he matches colors, numbers, or both


  • Five pieces needed to do Lauri Tangrams activity (one on each side)
  • Last time he only got the pieces he needed. This time, that is true but there will be an extra or two on each size. I am curious to see how he will handle it.

Color Discovery with Scopes

  • Here is the inspiration for this theme: the red and blue scopes from his Look & See Scopes
  • Made squares in Word in red and blue with various fill textures and shapes
  • Laminated these and simple one that says “RED and BLUE”
  • Also included some paper scraps (including some very old ones that managed to be red on one side and blue on the other!)

Open Ended Coloring

  • Various red and blue coloring tools – crayons, markers, pencils
  • Several pieces of blank cardstock

Bears & Pattern Card

  • 6 each of red and blue bears, plus the red and blue cups from the 50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups
  • Printed sheet with alternating red and blue circles and laminated

Felt Board

Sensory Bin

  • We emptied out the corn and filled the big bin with many red and blue things, including:
  • Pom poms in different sizes
  • Magnetic wand and horseshoe
  • Cars and trains
  • Heart gems (from the Valentine’s trays)
  • Red and blue foam letters
  • Scoop and bucket


  • The red and blue themed puzzles come from the Melissa & Doug Animals Mini-Puzzle Pack
  • These have always been done with the tray they come in so it was interesting to see how easily he can put the pieces together

This round of color tot school included a couple more challenging activities. The foam block “graphing” turned out to be too hard. I think the grid itself may have been too ‘full’, making it hard for him to place the blocks where they should go. A funny thing happened though when he insisted I colored the squares ‘pink’ instead of ‘red’. (On the last night of Red & Blue, though, he was very interested in the numbers on the cards!)

Another challenge was the tangram set with shapes to match on each side. After a few days he got it though, even using different shapes than suggested to complete the big shape!

Finally I should note that E can not tie his shoes nor did I expect him too! This is something he has talked about a lot lately, hence the activity. I think this will join my pens, stickers and flash cards in my “restaurant” activity collection.

As I said in the first place, Red & Blue has been a nice easy one so I have time to plan the next two months. Plus it shows how easy it is to “pick a color” and put a color tot school theme together.

Sticking to the color theme, we will have a lot of green in our St. Patrick’s Day set!

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 29 months old! Also shared at Practical Mondays, Montessori Monday, the Laugh & Learn Linkup, Mommy Solutions, Shine Blog Hop, Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop, and the Everything Early Childhood Link Up!

Easy color tot school theme ideas - these are red and blue!

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