12 Reptiles Preschool Trays

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We just did Pond Animals Preschool, and here we are with Reptiles! It just worked out that way. I guess a frog is a reptile of sorts, but one of these activities is only here as it was leftover from Pond Animals.

I liked the creative activities here and hope you also enjoy our 12 Reptiles Preschool Trays!

12 Reptiles Preschool Trays!

  1. Lizard Escher Tessellations
  2. String-Wrapped Snakes
  3. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snakes
  4. Word Snakes
  5. Unifix “Snake” Patterns
  6. Lizard Environment Sensory Bin
  7. Year of the Snake Maze
  8. Color of his Own Coloring Page
  9. Lizzy the Lizard Maze
  10. Reptile Food Line Tracing
  11. Measuring Snakes
  12. Frog “Rain” Tracing

Lizard Escher Tessellations

  • I’m so glad I found this one — the absolutely awesome Escher Tessellations in a fun Lizard design! (thank you)
  • I printed this just as she suggests — 4 copies in black and white. I trimmed them down and presented to him with Crayola Twistables crayons.
  • He has been really obsessed with coloring within the lines lately so I hoped this activity would be of interest to him!

String-Wrapped Snakes

  • This cool activity was inspierd by this pin and the linked Flickr picture
  • First, I made a couple cardstock snakes with the Silhouette Cameo
  • Then I gave him a pile of threads and strings to wrap around the snakes. I put a few strands on as a sample.

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snakes

  • These were bead caterpillars during bug tot school, but now they are snakes!
  • I folded over the edge of one end of a pipe cleaner (to make it not so sharp), and coiled the other side a little to make a head (and the end for the beads
  • Then, I gave him a big pile of pony beads
    to make the snakes!

Word Snakes

  • How cool are these? This is the set of Blending Snake Cards available on Teachers Pay Teachers — thank you!
  • I printed them all in color but only gave him a few at a time. After trimming them down I gave him several wooden letter tiles to match to the letters!

Unifix “Snake” Patterns

  • More snakes! Here I made several “snakes” in Word, easily done by making one row tables and filling each cell with the Unifix colors.
  • These were printed in color and trimmed, and given to him with stacks of 6 Unifix Cubes.

Lizard Environment Sensory Bin

  • This bin was inspired by pin from Little Family Daycare! Thank you — what a great idea!
  • I added these lizard figures from Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch line. So colorful and durable!
  • Along with the rocks there are some artifical flowers (Birds of Paradise are great here!) and moss.

Year of the Snake Maze

Color of his Own Coloring Page

  • So many wonderful, whimsical books talk about reptiles! We used the Color of his Own Coloring Page found on Green Bean Kindergarten — thank you!
  • To hopefully help E as he learns to read — I underlined each color name in its corresponding color so he could match color and word before filling in the rest of the color.

Lizzy the Lizard Maze

Reptile Food Line Tracing

Measuring Snakes

  • The source of this one is actually: me!
  • E has been talking about measuring a lot lately. So, I found some cute snake clipart, stretched and shrunk it a couple times to get different lengths. To make things easier for measuring, I made a solid black line underneath. (Naturally, they are standard, whole-inch measurements).
  • Then I made an equals sign and a blank for him to draw in the number, after measuring with the included ruler!

Frog “Rain” Tracing

This was a really great week of school. The hands-on items were great and he played with that sensory bin for a long time! We even ended up putting all of our rocks together for an even bigger play area for the reptiles.

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Cool Reptiles Preschool Books!

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2 thoughts on “12 Reptiles Preschool Trays

  1. These are some lovely ideas! I especially love the word snakes. What a lovely way to incorporate vocabulary. Thanks for sharing this on #shinebloghop this week

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