12 Science Preschool Trays!

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We have an intriguing Simple Machines theme up later this year. But in the meantime, we decided to explore some more advanced concepts since our science tot trays with this set of 12 Science Preschool Trays!

12 Science Preschool Trays

  1. Symmetry Worksheet
  2. Bean Sprouting Tray
  3. Primary & Secondary Color Bead Match
  4. Flower Dissection w/Montessori Cards
  5. Types of Clouds
  6. Weight Discovery
  7. Celery Experiment
  8. Sense of Smell Discovery
  9. -ot Words Worksheet
  10. Environment Match
  11. States of Matter Worksheet
  12. Umbrella & Drop Shape Match

Symmetry Worksheet

  • A great concept to each even at a young age! This is simply a print of the Draw the Line of Symmetry worksheet available on Education.com!

Bean Sprouting Tray

  • We used a lunch tray to collect all of the parts needed to sprout seeds! This includes Ziploc bags, cotton balls, water, eye droppers, and masking tape.
  • Then, I printed the Sprouting Bean worksheet on cardstock and cut these to make a nice little activity!

Primary & Secondary Color Bead Match

  • E has needed a review of what primary colors make secondary colors, so Science week was a good time for it!
  • I printed this cute graphic in color and added some beads for tangible matching.

Flower Dissection w/Montessori Cards

  • Time for E’s first dissection project!
  • TIP: Tell a florist you are doing a dissection project. We got a beautiful ‘cash and carry’ bouquet for free!!
  • I am so thankful for these lovely and helpful Parts of the Flower Nomenclature Cards from the Helpful Garden

Types of Clouds

Weight Discovery

Celery Experiment

Sense of Smell Discovery

  • This starts with the very helpful Sense of Smell Worksheet, as I wanted to figure out how to do such an activity with a preschooler!
  • I took four pompoms and infused them with smells: garlic, lavender, vanilla and lemon. I did the garlic by soaking the pompom in water with some Penzeys dehydrated garlic. The others were essential oils or extracts.
  • I put each in their own Dixie cup so he could isolate the smells
  • Then, I gave him colored pencils in each of the pom pom colors so he could record each smell in the chart.

-ot Words Worksheet

Environment Match

  • We did the Land, Sea & Sky Sort before!
  • This set has three letter-sized backgrounds (land, sea, and sky), then a collection of animals and items that can be sorted under each environment.

States of Matter Worksheet

  • Thank you for the super cute and helpful States of Matter Printable!
  • Dad helped him with what was in certain pictures (“what is that splat?”) but E was to cut and glue each item under solid, liquid, or gas!

Umbrella & Drop Shape Match

  • This Umbrella & Raindrop Shape Match is another cute activity from his weather week.
  • Though this was a little too easy at this point, it is always nice to note how much he has improved! We also encouraged him to tell us what each shape is.

Just like last time, this was a theme Mom and Dad really liked doing! One night, we played with the Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set for hours! We had fun making colors of different liquids, then combining them to this same yellowish brown color.

This theme also pushed us to go back to our local science center; we hadn’t been there all winter!

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