12 Valentine’s Preschool Trays!

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As a mom of a typical boy, Valentine’s Preschool is extra fun to set up. A week where pink is welcome! I decided to make his shelf a little more festive, simply adding a few Valentine stuffed animals (Care Bears and Clifford!) and long ribbons. I loved how much he loved it! And we hope you love our 12 Valentine’s Preschool Trays!

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Valentine's Preschool Trays! A great balance of sensory activities and worksheets! Find links to all you need plus other fun ideas.

  1. Chocolate Candy Shapes
  2. Beautiful Heart Coloring Page
  3. Make Play Dough Cookies
  4. Salt, Rice & Beans Valentine Sensory Tray
  5. Rice & Pink Lentils Sensory Bin
  6. Valentine Measuring
  7. Heart Sight Words
  8. Valentine Bead Bracelets
  9. Big & Small Heart Coloring
  10. Counting 30 Hearts>
  11. Word & Picture Match
  12. Heart Patterns

Chocolate Candy Shapes

  • Doing this one again – but it’s so cute! And a great way to measure his cutting skills.
  • This chocolate candy is from the Valentine Cut it Out! Pack from This Reading Mama – thank you for sharing it!

Beautiful Heart Coloring Page

Make Play Dough Cookies

  • This was the end of our play dough until we made a new batch! So I gave him just a little amount of brown (“chocolate”) dough.
  • With that I put some cookie “decorations” — mostly heart gems!

Salt, Rice & Beans Valentine Sensory Tray

  • He couldn’t even wait to start this one!
  • First, I printed out a page (in color) with some hearts on it. I taped this down to the tray.
  • Then, in some small containers I put previously dyed purple beans, salt, and rice mixed with pink lentils.
  • I also provided tools like paint brushes, a sieve, and measuring spoons!

Rice & Pink Lentils Sensory Bin

  • We also used our Valentine-friendly combo of rice and pink lentils for yet another sensory bin!
  • Rather than presenting this as I normally do with scoops and such, I just put in heart cookie cutters!

Valentine Measuring

  • We just loved this Valentine Measurement Math Center from Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • There is a heart “ruler” for measuring different Valentine objects and people, and a page to record results!

Heart Sight Words

  • This cute set of black-and-white friendly heart sight word cards is from the huge February Math & Literacy Centers from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten on Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • Having used this before, I already had mounted the word page on cardstock, and trimmed the other words to match.
  • It’s a pretty and effective set printed on just two black and white pages!

Valentine Bead Bracelets

  • I love working with pony beads — they lead to great fine motor activities!
  • This is simple too — a few Valentine-hued pony bead bracelets with matching beads!
  • You can find these bracelets at Oriental Trading (referral link) – search Pony Bead Bracelets and find them in several colors.

Big & Small Heart Coloring

  • We definitely needed to use some Crayola Twistables crayons in this week of school!
  • Here there are sheets with large hearts, plus a sheet of conversation hearts. I cannot find who the latter is from — if it is yours PLEASE contact me!

Counting 30 Hearts

Word & Picture Match

  • This is another great word activity from the freebie Valentine resources frmo Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten on TPT!
  • These cute hearts have a word on one side, and a picture of that word on the other side!
  • This was a cutting activity during our first year of Valentine Preschool!

Heart Patterns

  • This is a WAY cute worksheet!
  • Valentine AB Patterns found on TPT has the kid complete (and color!) the pattern above, and make their own pattern in the bottom section!

So many activities! Here are a few more that I took a close look at but we didn’t use this round. As always thank you to you all for such amazing free resources!

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Cool Books for Valentine Preschool Trays!

Sensory trays, coloring pages, and all the links to resources you need for 12 Valentine's Preschool Trays!

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