13 Animal Tot Trays & Sensory Bin

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This week, we picked another “easy” theme – Animals! It once again correlates with an event we are going to. But with later themes like Bugs, Farm (later this summer) and so on, we will see a lot more Animals over the next few months! We had some familiar activities from our farm theme but we took a closer look at other animals too, especially animal teeth! Here is our baker’s dozen of animal tot trays and activities!

  1. Animal Print/Letter Matching
  2. Two Animal Puzzles
  3. Mom & Baby Farm Animal Matching
  4. More Animal Print/Letter Matching
  5. Animal Dough Tray
  6. Bird Sticker Matching
  7. Animal “Teeth” Coloring
  8. Paw Print Punching
  9. Animal Books
  10. Animal Print Stamping
  11. Simple Animal Sensory Bin
  12. Confetti Collage
  13. Animal Teeth Matching

Animal Print/Letter Matching

Two Animal Puzzles

Mom & Baby Farm Animal Matching

  • This is reused from our first Farm week
  • Included only 4 animal sets to match this time

More Animal Print/Letter Matching

  • This is another set of those animal cards above
  • For the matching letters, this time we put letter stickers on colored cardstock circles

Animal Dough Tray

Bird Sticker Matching

  • Printed simple circle Word document on cardstock and cut into sets of two
  • Got out 12 sets of bird stickers, put one per set on cards
  • Gave him 4 of the cards and 6 stickers

Animal “Teeth” Coloring

  • Printed out four coloring pictures of animals with distinctive teeth
  • Included some triangular crayons

Paw Print Punching

  • Included paw print punch that he had trouble with a few months ago – let’s see if he can do it now!
  • Also included some animal-themed paper scraps for punching
  • (Note: I put the punch in a container — he always wants a spot to put the punched out paper)

Animal Books

Animal Print Stamping

  • Put three very old animal print stamps of mine on wood blocks
  • Once we noticed that E wouldn’t be able to push hard enough on an ink pad, we included a brown marker to make stamps
  • Then we included some cardstock squares and samples

Simple Animal Sensory Bin

  • Used a big bus bin
  • Included some characters and parts from the PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Large Zoo (that he hadn’t seen in a long time)
  • Just put in some green, blue, and brown Easter grass. We needed a clean bin this week! :)

Confetti Collage

  • Idea is based off this pin — thank you!
  • Used Silhouette to cut rectangular ‘frame’ from black cardstock
  • Made background with blue and green cardstock
  • Stuck piece of clear contact paper on frame, trimmed edges
  • Taped background to back of frame so it shows through sticky side of contact paper
  • Included collection of animal and leaf confetti to make a collage
  • (When done, I covered the top with another piece of clear contact paper, and trimmed the edges)

Animal Teeth Matching

  • Printed two copies of toothy animals – thank you!
  • Used two different colors of cardstock & trimmed edges
  • We used as a matching game but a memory game (as suggested in the pin) would be great too!

We enjoyed this set of animal tot trays! Tons of fun!

The dough was a LOT of fun. Making animal ‘tracks’ with the different animals was so entertaining (for M & D too!) We kept making “mountains” and seeing who could get to the top. `

One other one I wanted to talk about was the animal print stamping. This was a random, last minute activity idea. It was nice to make use of another thing that I randomly kept for a decade. As I already struggle to throw things away, I am for sure going to keep an eye out while we do our spring cleaning!

The big box of books was a nice addition too. We would treat it like a library, picking 3 or 4 at a time to read on the couch.

That said, I actually cut two planned activities – we can do those some other time. Also, I had a little too much on my plate, so I moved the planned Bus theme that was coming next to later in May, and decided to prolong (and focus) the animal theme a bit with Bugs. (That’s good too because there are SO many bug ideas and now we can do it again later this summer when the fireflies are out!)

We also did 17 More Animal Tot Trays not too long after this set. You can also check out our various animal preschool trays!

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Cool Books for Animal Tot Trays

Our first set of Animal Tot Trays!


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