13 Animals Preschool Trays!

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We originally planned for a week of Animals Preschool because I needed an “easier” week due to my work schedule. We did this as planned, but in the meantime we did decide to do several specific animal themes this summer. But first things first, here are our 13 Animals Preschool Trays!

  1. Brown Bear Animal Name Tracing
  2. Coral Reef Toob Pom Pom Bin
  3. Power Disk Cutting Practice
  4. Animal Pattern Blocks
  5. What Doesn’t Belong? Worksheet
  6. Animal Word Puzzles
  7. -in Word Families Worksheet
  8. Cheerio Octopus
  9. Lion Shape Worksheet
  10. Small Books about Animals
  11. Paw Print Stamping
  12. Animal Play Dough Tray
  13. Bird Magazine Cut-Outs

Brown Bear Animal Name Tracing

Coral Reef Toob Pom Pom Bin

  • We had a lot of fun playing with our Coral Reef TOOB figures thanks to the awesome Coral Reef Toob key from Living Montessori Now — thank you SO much!
  • For a twist, I hid the figures inside a colorful bin of pom-poms.
  • That plus the key printed in color on cardstock made for a cute (and QUICK!) sensory bin!

Power Disk Cutting Practice

  • Sorry for the bad quality picture!
  • These are leftover from E’s Halloween costume (Chris from Wild Kratts)!
  • I just decided to give to E with scissors for some more cutting practice.

Animal Pattern Blocks

What Doesn’t Belong? Worksheet

Animal Word Puzzles

-in Word Families Worksheet

Cheerio Octopus

  • This Cheerio Octopus done back in Numbers Tot School! The original idea from Mamas Like Me (thanks!)
  • It is simply a cute octopus printed on 11×17 cardstock and trimmed. I drew circles of different colors (and eight of each!) on each of his tentacles.
  • Make sure the kid leaves at least 64 Cheerios 🙂

Lion Shape Worksheet

  • This is the Lion Shape Count Worksheet from Making Learning Fun — thank you!
  • This simple sheet just needs to be printed in black and white and have a writing utensil added.

Small Books about Animals

  • We put out some cute books, including the very cute Aloha Zoo, that are about animals!

Paw Print Stamping

  • Another quick and easy activity for fine motor skills!
  • I paired a decades-old paw print rubber stamp with a handy Washable Ink Pad
  • I printed a simple grid on yellow paper and this was enough for E to know to stamp a stamp into each square!

Animal Play Dough Tray

Bird Magazine Cut-Outs

  • A magazine from years ago featuring birds in the garden was of great use here!
  • I roughly cut some various pictures of birds, and gave him scissors so he could trim them further if desired.

I found myself writing “quick” and “easy” a lot this time. That’s a good thing, though! I’m so thankful for all the resources that allow us to have “quick” and “easy” themes that are still interesting and educational!

We’re quickly learning that the pattern block templates are too easy. E actually really enjoyed making a symmetrical pattern on his own. I really like the templates that are a ‘border’ and you fill the blocks in; I will definitely be using some of those soon.

This is definitely just the beginning of a summer of animals! Stay tuned for some more animals preschool themes like Pond Animals, Farm Animals, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Birds, and Fish & Sea Life!

Great Animals Preschool Books

Animals Preschool Theme Activities!

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