13 Apple Tot Trays & Activities!

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I see why there are so many apple-themed preschool activities on Pinterest — it’s so fun! (If you would like, fast forward to our own apple preschool trays, or see other fun fall tot trays, too!)

Outside of his apple tot school trays, E had some extra fun with Dad, working on multiple science experiments! They used the Apple Science Experiment from Coffee Cups and Crayons as a guide (thank you!) and it was neat watching the progression of the apples!

Back on the tot tray shelf, we used the awesome Apple Activities Pack by 3 Dinosaurs — thank you so much!

On to a baker’s dozen of apple tot trays:

  1. Making Apples Dough Tray
  2. Ten Apples Up On Top!
  3. Big Apple Tree Coloring
  4. What Comes Next?
  5. Apple Coloring
  6. Word Building
  7. Color & Size Sticker Match
  8. Letter Tracing
  9. Apple Watercolors
  10. Oat & Apple Cinnamon Sensory Bin
  11. How Many Apples?
  12. Apple Tree Puzzle
  13. Apples by Size

Making Apples Dough Tray

  • This turned into a lovely little play dough tray! And I don’t throw around words like that 🙂
  • (He inspired this by making quite the nice sculptures out of a failed soap grating experiment.)
  • Started with two doughs we had on hand – a nice pink and a green
  • Looked through my artificial flowers and plants and found some perfect tiny leaves and stems. Trimmed the stems to between 1/2″-1″ long and left some stem on the green leaves
  • As an example, I made a little apple with a small stick and a leaf (RIP Mitch Hedberg)
  • Presented this simply with the two doughs, and two containers of leaves and stems.
  • This would be so much fun with older kids — putting white dough and beans in the center with the color surrounding it!

Ten Apples Up On Top!

  • There are so many Ten Apples Up on Top! activities out there! My first bit of inspiration came from Little Bins for Little Hands — thanks!
  • I went really, really simple here. First step was to print out the three characters from the book, easy thanks to this printable!
  • This was done on the fly so they are printed in black and white)
  • For a base, I used a styrofoam block that we have previously poked extensively. To hide that, I wrapped the brick in a simple piece of red copy paper. I put a piece of duct tape on the underside.
  • I stuck three wooden skewers through the paper and foam until it touched the duct tape.
  • Then I taped the characters on the skewers so that a red bead (apple) put on a skewer would stay “on top” of the animal’s head
  • Gave him this and 30+ red beads to act as apples!

Big Apple Tree Coloring!

  • Found an apple tree coloring page from SchoolHints — thank you!
  • I split this among two 8.5×11 pages so the tree could be a little bigger! I used a glue stick at the seam to attach the pieces.
  • Provided both markers and crayons in appropriate colors to dress it up!

What Comes Next?

  • This is straight from the Apple Activities Pack — thank you!
  • Simply provided the sheet and the cut out pieces to match the pattern.

Apple Coloring

Word Building

  • This is my favorite piece of the Apple Activities Pack!
  • Simply cut out the picture/word combo and the individual parts to match and recognize these great harvest-themed words!

Color & Size Sticker Match

  • This sticker matching activity is inspired by Mom Inspired Life — thank you!
  • I started with a sheet of “smelly” apple stickers that I’m sure I got at Staples.
  • After peeling the background off, I made red, yellow and green dots on two pieces of cardstock.
  • To account for the two sizes of apple stickers, I made tiny dots and large dots. Now he can try to match not only color, but size, too!

Letter Tracing

Apple Watercolors

  • This starts with the large apple stencil included in the Giant Stencils Box from Lakeshore Learning
  • Using washi tape, I attached a piece of watercolor cardstock to a tray. I used tape to also attach a strip of watercolor from one of those $1 books
  • Also provided a very long paintbrush and a small silicone cup for water
  • Will he paint the apple apple-colored, or will it be blue or tie-dyed?

Oat & Apple Cinnamon Sensory Bin

  • This sensory bin was inspired by Fun-a-Day — thank you!
  • We simply put about 2 cups of oats in a container
  • We added some cinnamon sticks, play apples (purchased these at Michaels), plus a nice round basket.

How Many Apples?

  • From the Apple Activities Pack!
  • Simply trimmed the cards and included clips so E could clip how many apples are in each picture.

Apple Tree Puzzle

Apples by Size

  • Yet another selection from the Apple Activities Pack
  • I cut out all the apples and gave him the chart. (He enjoyed literally stacking them in perfect piles under each size heading!

Our apple tot trays theme was really a lot of fun. I utilized two purchases here — the artificial apples from Michaels and those cute apple stickers. And I so love that dough tray!

I can say that I feel tot school is really on a roll. E is liking it, Dad is doing an awesome job supplementing with science and other activities, and I am able to manage the setup and planning with my job. It’s nice to stop and reflect every once in a while!

I moved things around and am happy to be utilizing my own FREE Ice Hockey Tot Pack in our next week of school!

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Cool Books for Apple Tot Trays

Ideas for apple themed tot school!

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