13 Art Preschool Trays!

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Just like last year’s art tot school theme, there’s a time each summer that is perfect for a week of Art School! He has been so into drawing and creating lately we knew this theme would be extra fun for him right now.

I was also quite inspired by the Fibonacci Art Project from What Do We Do All Day? to the point that I created my own simple printable to help preschoolers work with their own Fibonacci circles. I’m happy to share that with you here!

Now on to 13 Art Preschool Trays!

13 Art Preschool Trays & Free Printable

  1. Famous Art Match
  2. Crazy Crayons
  3. Geoboard Patterns
  4. 3-D Craft Sculptures
  5. Picklebums’ Hexi Cards
  6. E Paper Collage
  7. Tiny Letter Stamping
  8. Art Nomenclature Cards
  9. Art Dry Erase
  10. Tissue Paper Watercolors
  11. Gem Subtraction
  12. Color Wheel w/ Scopes
  13. Preschool Fibonacci Circles (w/ free printable)

Famous Art Match

  • This is reused from the famous art activity we did during tot school!
  • I had a set of art clipart that was already trimmed, and a sheet that wasn’t, so that he could cut them out and make matches.

Crazy Crayons

  • This is simply a pack of “crazy crayons” (crayons made from other crayons; I believe they were from Target), plus a pile of blank paper on a clipboard!
  • (I did write “Hi!” on the paper to show him what the crayons do.)

Geoboard Patterns

3-D Craft Sculptures

  • I love the role of craft items in these foam and pipe cleaner sculptures from Picklebums!
  • We did a similar setup, starting with a block of foam. With it I put pipe cleaners, beads, and feathers.

Picklebums’ Hexi Cards

  • These are the hexi cards from Picklebums — I love these!
  • I printed three sets on cardstock, and enjoyed some screen-free time on the bus ride home cutting them by hand!

E Paper Collage

  • Here is a very eco-friendly activity that is easy to set up!
  • First I used Word and WordArt to create a big outlined E and printed it in black and white.
  • Then I put together several small scraps of paper, both patterned and solid.
  • Finally I tore a few small pieces and put them on the E to show what to do. Some glue (and no scissors!) wraps things up!

Tiny Letter Stamping

  • Here is a find from the dollar area at Michaels…
  • It is a set of very tiny letter stamps. Paired this with a green washable stamp pad and some sturdy chipboard.

Art Nomenclature Cards

  • Art Materials Nomenclature Cards from the always helpful Helpful Garden Montessori – thanks so much!
  • I decided to try something different and print these at half of the normal size.

Art Dry Erase

Tissue Paper Watercolors

  • Oh Pinterest, what would I do without you…
  • I really liked the look of this tissue painted canvas activity from Fiskars – thanks!
  • I just used tissue paper squares from Oriental Trading and a sheet of watercolor paper. That plus a brush and water was all we needed!
  • “Paint” with water on the tissue paper squares and it leaves color behind on the paper (or as they used in he Fiskars version, canvas.)
  • This is a great painting activity for a kid like E who isn’t too fond of being messy!

Gem Subtraction

  • E has been doing great with addition, but wanted to do a simple activity to explore subtraction. With a palette tray and colored gems, this was perfect for art week!
  • First I wrote the numbers 1-6 in Sharpie in the wells of one Oriental Trading Paint Tray
  • Then I found gems in color combinations that add up to six. 5+1, 4+2 and 3+3.
  • Last I wrote the math problems on big cards. The number 6 was in green, followed by the rest of the problem in coordinating colors to the gems.

Color Wheel w/ Scopes

  • This is reused from the color wheel that we used during tot school with the red, green and blue Look & See Scopes
  • We encouraged him to look at the color wheel with each of the three scopes to see the differences.

Free Preschool Art School Fibonacci Circles Printable

Preschool Fibonacci Circles (w/ free printable)

  • I had pinned the Fibonacci Art Project from What Do We Do All Day?, assuming I would just give E several circles to glue onto paper.
  • I liked the concept so much I created a printable to share — Preschool Fibonacci Circles!
  • On this free two-page printable, you’ll find six circles, two 1’s, plus one each of 2, 3, 5 and 8. These represent the diameter of each circle in inches.
  • I can’t explain it nearly as clearly as Erica does so please go to What Do We Do All Day? for a great explanation. THANK YOU for the inspiration!
  • I put the activity out on the tray as is. I knew he’d do the cutting, but I wondered what he’d do after that…
  • He ended up coloring the big 8 circle with Crayola Twistables, then gluing the remaining circles on top of it. Cool!

This week his school turned into quite the art gallery! We often put up some of his completed work on the side of our filing cabinet or door with magnets. But this time, we actually put up the art on the wall like a mini art gallery. It was a lot of fun and I know he liked it!

I hope you enjoy the simple (simple!) printable in your homeschool or other activities. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed our Fibonacci project. I think using a printable for preschoolers is a smart idea. I love what your child came up with.

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