13 Car Tot Trays & Activities

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One kid-friendly summer activity that often seems to get overlooked is a good car show! And if you’re homeschooling there’s so many things to teach. Which wheels are bigger? How many red cars can you find? What is chrome?

So though we recently had a bus/traffic theme, and airplanes just last month, we went with a guaranteed hit – a car theme! My themes are lasting a bit longer than a week now so we had enough time for 13 awesome car tot trays and activities. Here they are!

  1. Color Coded Parking Lot
  2. Car Number Cars
  3. Basic Dough Tray
  4. DIY Textures Ramp for Cars
  5. Magnetic “Race Day” Set
  6. Copy Traffic Signs
  7. Car Worksheets
  8. Mini Car Felt Tray
  9. Parking Lot
  10. Stick a Road
  11. Car Counter Math
  12. Car Photo Sight Words
  13. Books

Color Coded Parking Lot

  • This wonderful idea is from the Kavanaugh Report — thank you!
  • First, I picked out six of his vehicles in distinctive colors
  • Then in Publisher I made a simple set of six rectangles all filled with the colors of each car
  • Printed this on cardstock and trimmed
  • Put this “parking lot” and the vehicles in a tray with ridges so he could practice parking.

Car Number Cars

  • Printed out a very cool set of car number cards from Preschool Printables — thank you!!
  • Trimmed these and gave him a pen!

Basic Dough Tray

DIY Textures Ramp for Cars

Magnetic “Race Day” Set

  • Just gave him a fun toy as is – Imaginetics Race Day Set
  • This cute set unfolds to a big car race background with car magnets and related items to decorate with
  • Was able to hang this on one of the hooks on the side of his ‘school’

Copy Traffic Signs

Car Worksheets

  • Have some various worksheets for him:
  • The word “CAR” using the same template I have used before
  • Plus several great printables: dot-to-dot race car, instrument panel, and car engine.

Mini Car Felt Tray

Parking Lot

  • Completely copied this idea from Georgina at Crafulate via B-Inspired Mama — thank you!
  • Found an appropriate box (like a file box lid) and cut off a short side
  • Drew some crude parking spots (not everything needs to be nice and even) 🙂 and marked each by number
  • Found random vehicles and put numbers on them with painter’s tape
  • Park the cars!!

Stick a Road

Car Counter Math

  • Similar to the Airplane Counter Addition activity, I made three “equations” (all 2 + 2 = 4) with two colors on each
  • Gave him the set of cars from — to solve the equations

Car Photo Sight Words

  • First, found five photos of distinctive cars
  • Put the photos in Word and drew a thick rounded corner rectangle around each (so I could easily trim them to size after printing
  • Printed these on one sheet of cardstock and cut
  • Hand-wrote a ‘sight word’ on the back of each card that resembled the picture: “Blue” “Red” “Star” “Door” and “Light”
  • Print two sets and this is an easy memory game.


One thing about this theme, and perhaps, ‘stuff’ in general. E has a LOT of stuff. A lot! One is a bucket-sized container that we put all his toy cars. Or rather, what I call “toy cars.” But you get down to it and there are just a few cars in there; it’s mostly trains and construction vehicles! I just assumed I’d find plenty of cars for the two parking activities!

Anyway, speaking of those, they were definitely the favorites. I think D was fixing a piece of tape on a car, then E went to his school, took the parking by color activity down and did it in a second. Then he kept blocking in the police car in his black spot with the green sports car. I know I have said before, I think sometimes when you give them activities that aren’t necessarily challenging, they find new ways to play!

I look back at these pictures and realize he got something out of of all 13 car tot trays Probably the sight word cards were the least effective.

We have another longer theme already under way – Healthy Foods! I’ll do anything to highlight his healthy eating habits!

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Great Books for Car Tot Trays

Some fast fun and learning with our car tot trays!

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