13 Clocks Preschool Trays!

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In honor of Daylight Savings Time, we decided to hold a week of Clock Preschool Trays last week. Is it related that our 3.5 year old has seemingly dropped his daytime nap, too?!

Now try saying Clock Chalk Blocks three times fast while you check out our 13 Clocks Preschool Trays:

13 Clocks Preschool Trays! Links to graet printables, an easy dough tray, and more...

  1. Lego Watch & Clock Set
  2. Magnetic Clock
  3. Clock Play Dough Tray
  4. Toilet Paper Tube Watches
  5. Clock Poke Page
  6. Dry Erase Clock
  7. Clock Cutting Practice
  8. Cut & Paste a Clock
  9. Clock Chalk Blocks
  10. Analog/Digital Clock
  11. Watchband Coloring
  12. Time & Number Match
  13. Curious George Clock

Lego Watch & Clock Set

  • A special surprise for this week of school – a real LEGO watch w/ minifigure plus blocks and instructions to make a clock!
  • This set also includes a set of cards with a minifigure and a time on it. Very cool!

Magnetic Clock

  • Started out with the clock face from the large clock from SEN teacher (awesome site)
  • I printed that in color and laminated it
  • Then, I put number stickers on each of 12 small magnets
  • Put the magnets in two pie tins and put everything on a magnetic cookie sheet.

Clock Play Dough Tray

Toilet Paper Tube Watches

  • This idea was found on Making Watches with Toddlers from Red Ted Art – thanks!
  • We used one toilet paper tube cut down the length of it, then cut in 4 equal pieces
  • Gave him some stickers, circle cardstock cutouts, and pens
  • I put Glue Dots– on the watchbands to stick the clock faces on to
  • That’s it! A fun and easy craft.

Clock Poke Page

  • Simple in Publisher – made a circle with a thick dotted border
  • Added 12 dots inside the circle to make the clock face
  • Included a golf tee for punching, plus some washi tape to hold the paper on the carpet (for poking).

Dry Erase Clock

Clock Cutting Practice

  • Printed a Clock Bingo page in color to use as cutting practice
  • Trimmed these down to rectangles of 8 clocks and included a pair of scissors, of course.

Cut & Paste a Clock

  • Printed the cute Hip Hoppin’ around the Clock worksheet from Mrs. Miner’s Kindergarten Monkey Business (thank you!)
  • I trimmed the clock grid and grid of numbers and gave them to him with scissors and a glue stick!

Clock Chalk Blocks

  • Made a set of blocks based on seeing this pin
  • I left this one open-ended, it was easy to match with other items already up with school.

Analog/Digital Clock

Watchband Coloring

Time & Number Match

  • First, we printed the fun Teaching Time printable from Happy and Blessed Home in black and white and trimmed to size
  • Put this with the number cards from the Octonauts theme
  • We were trying for a simple early clock-reading activity by matching number cards to the time cards!

Curious George Clock

One item not pictured, we also looked at Clocks and Goodnight Moon as seen from Homeschool Creations! As a mom it’s good to know that it took over an hour to get that little bunny to bed!

We had realized on our holiday vacation that there was a gift we had overlooked to get him – his own watch. So when we got home I researched a little and I liked the combination that the LEGO Boys Time Teacher Blue Set with Minifigure provided. It’s a cute set! We had also bought the American Innovative Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight earlier this year to help him not get up too early. So many ways to talk to tots about the time nowadays, huh?

I look forward coming back to this one in six months or so (maybe when we switch to standard time) and seeing how much more he understands.

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 41 months old! Also linked up over at the Preschool and Kindergarten Community Linkup hosted by Homeschool Creations, Montessori Monday, Laugh & Learn Linkup, A Little Bird Told Me Link Party, Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop, Hearts for Home Blog Hop, Shine Blog Hop, and the Learn and Play Link-Up!

Cool Clocks Preschool Books

Our 13 clocks preschool trays!

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8 thoughts on “13 Clocks Preschool Trays!

  1. Thanks for putting this list together. My preschooler is just starting to show an interesting in telling time and is also a huge fan of Curous George. I had no idea there was a Curious George clock tool! #ShineBlogHop

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