13 Easter Preschool Trays!

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We started April with a theme honoring the upcoming holiday – Easter! Once again we were sure to promptly end the theme on Sunday night. We use the Easter Egg Pack from This Reading Mama (starred* below) often in this set of 13 Easter Preschool Trays!

(Looking for ideas for younger kids? Check out our Easter Tot Trays & Activities!)

  1. Egg Math Tray
  2. Egg Cutting Practice*
  3. Bunny Tail Color Sort*
  4. Rice & Carrot Sensory Tray
  5. Egg Tracing Sheet
  6. Egg Emergent Reader*
  7. Which One is Different?*
  8. Grass Cutting* (for game below)
  9. Easter Coloring Sheets
  10. Easter Basket Number Match*
  11. White Stuff Item Sort
  12. Egg Hunt Dice Game*
  13. Easter Dough Tray

Egg Math Tray

  • I used our Easter egg silicone tray to make our own math tray!
  • I had two sets of gems – white and blue. Then, I punched cardstock circles and wrote the numbers 1-5 on each.
  • Then, I had a set of pink squares (the sums) with numbers 1-10, even though nothing could equal 1. (I figured he’d ask where it was.)
  • I drew plus and equal signs on circle stickers, and put those and a “dividing” pipe cleaner in the center.

Egg Cutting Practice

  • This is from This Reading Mama’s pack – I just gave him the whole sheet to cut!

Bunny Tail Color Sort

  • We recycled last year’s Bunny Tail Color Match for this activity!
  • He really likes to sort these days, so we gave him a container of things – pom poms, foam blocks, feathers, and more – plus five cups to organize the items!

Rice & Carrot Sensory Tray

  • I meant to dye rice for this week! I forgot, but no one noticed. :)
  • I simply gave him white rice in a pitcher, some carrot eggs, a carrot cookie cutter, and a tidy tray!

Egg Tracing Sheet

  • Using my standard template, I made a reading/tracing/writing sheet with the appropriate word, Egg!

Egg Emergent Reader*

  • The best thing about Becky’s packs? Her lovely emergent readers!
  • Cut out the cute Easter eggs and paste them to the book pages. Egg on my bed?!

Which One is Different?*

  • A seasonally-appropriate activity from the Easter pack!

Grass Cutting* (for game below)

  • Like last time, we are having E do the cutting of game pieces for an upcoming game!

Easter Coloring Sheets

  • These are some Easter coloring sheets leftover from last year!

Easter Basket Number Match*

  • Still working on numbers 11-20, I like this Easter basket printable with the numbers on the sheet.
  • I wrote the numbers 11-20 on circle cardstock pieces for matching.

White Stuff Sort

Easter Dough Tray

Egg Hunt Dice Game*

  • Along with the grass above, use a die and this cute game from This Reading Mama to hide the eggs!

The biggest thank you goes to This Reading Mama for her awesome Easter Egg Pack! So many fun and festive activities are in her packs. Our favorite activity this time was surely the Egg Emergent Reader. I came home to E diligently cutting each tiny egg. He even had the spatial recognition to cut a flat edge for it to lay on each surface. We were impressed that he interpreted it that way!

We had recently redone our downstairs/homeschool area (AGAIN) and once again, it made it easier for me to work on homeschool! As a matter of fact, two activities on this were just thought up on the fly. It was a fun theme to put together!

Thank you for checking out our 13 Easter Preschool Trays, and our next set is seasonal as well: Baseball!

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13 easy ideas for Easter preschool!

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  1. Love the tray ideas! I featured your post in this week’s Learn and Play Link Up. Thank you for joining us, hoping to see your posts again this week! – Jae

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