13 Fall Tot Trays & Activities

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While we may not have done a week of “summer school” (haha) to welcome the season, we sure did a special week to say hello to Fall!

We started things off with a special fall wreath project the day before the first day of Fall. With Mom working full-time out of the house now, it’s nice to look forward to a special activity!

We also used a nice tot pack. Starred items below are from the Fall Pack from This Reading Mama — thank you!

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Now for the rest of our fun Fall Tot Trays & Activities:

13 fun fall tot trays!

  1. Fall Wreath
  2. Leaf Toss
  3. Fall Item Sort
  4. Wooden Scarecrow Coloring
  5. Fall Dough Tray
  6. F is for Fall*
  7. Fall Window Clings
  8. Welcome Fall book
  9. Fall Clip Cards*
  10. Cutting Practice*
  11. Sunflower Seeds Bin
  12. Fall Leaf Punching*

Fall Wreath

Leaf Toss

  • This idea is from Little Family Fun — thank you!
  • When Oriental Trading offers free shipping on any order, it is hard for me not to take part. Sometime over the summer I couldn’t think of what to purchase, so I went with these fall leaves.
  • As leaves aren’t on the ground here yet, this is a good way for us to play in the meantime!

Fall Item Sort

Wooden Scarecrow Coloring

  • Picked this one up for 75 cents at Jo-Ann!
  • The scarecrow is made of balsa wood and with the included stand, he can make a nice decoration.
  • He only came with 3 markers so I gave E some more.

F is for Fall*

  • This cute tracing page from This Reading Mama says “F is for fall” with a nice branch with leaves; the F, branch and leaves are all traceable
  • I decided to give this to him with an orange highlighter

Fall Dough Tray

  • First, I made some new dough for the season! The red is cinnamon (to use with the upcoming apple theme, too) and pumpkin pie (for the inevitable pumpkin theme)
  • I included a laminated L for Leaves dough mat from 123 Homeschool 4 Me — thank you!
  • I purchased(!) a set of fall cookie cutters that we can use all season long; the two leaves and pumpkin are here
  • Finally, I included some dough tools items for extra fun.

Fall Window Clings

  • Picked up shiny new set of fall window clings at the dollar store (where else?)
  • Came up with a new idea of how to give them to him: I took them off the sheet they came on and stuck them to a —-pocket. Now I could hang this on the side of his school.
  • (D said rather than put them on a window, E just took them on an off the pocket!

Welcome Fall book

  • Simply a favorite book from a hand-me-down set of seasonal books we enjoy as the seasons change!

Fall Clip Cards*

  • I used the Syllable Count and Clip cards from the Fall Pack by This Reading Mama
  • Instead of syllables, I chose a few cards with 1, 2, or 3 items on them to let E match the clip to the number of items
  • (We haven’t done this much so I want him to gain some confidence in the task.)

Cutting Practice*

  • This is from the Fall Pack by This Reading Mama – thank you!
  • Love this one! Cut strips and then he can cut the dotted lines for individual squares.

Sunflower Seeds Bin

  • Inspiration for this bin comes from Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails — thank you!
  • While I love all the thigns in there I went simple, just using three packs of sunflower seeds, plus a pitcher and two baskets.
  • (I have a pumpkin bin next week!)

Fall Leaf Punching

  • From a project of mine from maybe 10 years ago, I have this rather ornate and complex Martha Stewart Crafts Leaf Stamp And Punch Set!
  • I gave him five colors of thin cardstock to match an upcoming tot pack activity.
  • Punch the leaves!!
  • (The lever actually makes it much easier for E to operate!)

Colored Leaf Cards*

  • Here is another activity via This Reading Mama!
  • We first did the punching activity. Then, we laid these out on the floor and let E put his punched leaves under the right color
  • We had fun tracing all the lowercase letters with our fingers, too!

Remember all that Curious George theme uncertainty? Gone. I can’t base a theory of one event but it’s impossible not to think that he just didn’t believe that was his school!

So we did have a bit of a grand slam of a theme here with our Fall Tot Trays. Tons and tons of fun! He absolutely loved that cutting. It’s simple, but he felt so accomplished handing us a pile of neatly trimmed and even cards!

After this generic ‘fall’ theme the season definitely sticks around. Coming up we have Pumpkins (next!), plus Birds, Apples and Halloween — all celebrating Fall!

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Cool Books for Fall Tot Trays

A sample of fall tot trays for tot school and preschool!

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  1. Great ideas! It’s always good to have a list of these on the back burner to try out when you need them! Thanks for sharing, found you at the Fluster Buster!

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