13 Ocean Animals & Fish Preschool Trays!

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It seems like it has been so long since we did an actual fish theme! We actually did fish tot school very early on! We also had a big Octonauts preschool theme earlier this preschool year (but with some new activities), and we have enjoyed several animal themes this summer! But for now, here is our set of 13 Fish Preschool Trays:

14 Ocean Animals and Fish Preschool trays! We love the Octonauts and they are here, too!

  1. Clay Fish Imprints
  2. Build a Gup
  3. Paper Shape Fish Building
  4. Sand & Rice “Ocean” Sensory Tray
  5. Fish Toob w/ Tongs
  6. Octonauts Creature Coloring Pages
  7. Fish Paper Punching
  8. Fishing Item Count
  9. Symmetry Drawing
  10. Octonauts Maze
  11. Magnetic Fish Puzzle
  12. Ocean Math
  13. Octonauts Kelp Cake Decorating

Clay Fish Imprints

  • I placed some air dry clay at the bottom of a container
  • Put four of the Coral Reef TOOB creatures here
  • Press the creatures into the clay!

Build a Gup

  • The Octonauts Build-a-Gup was a cute toy that we decided to order for E’s birthday this year.
  • There are pictures of several Gups to build with the provided pieces. Very fun!

Paper Shape Fish Building

  • This is a tray with some precut paper shapes so he could make his own fish!

Sand & Rice “Ocean” Sensory Tray

  • This cute (but hard to photograph) fish preschool sensory tray has two containers, one of long-ago dyed blue rice, and the other with standard play sand (and two mini sand dollars inside)
  • Rounded out the tray with an old fat separator cup, sifter, tiny tall plastic container, small scoop and mini measuring cups.

Fish Toob w/ Tongs

  • I put nine items from the Coral Reef TOOB Set inside each square on an IKEA ice cube tray
  • Provided the one-piece plastic dolphin tongs (from this set of Hog Wild fish tongs) that would provide a challenge: pick up the relatively heavy objects!
  • I once again put the Coral Reef Toob key from Living Montessori Now with this so he could match up the creatures!

Octonauts Creature Coloring Pages

Fish Paper Punching

  • Simple! This is a cute fish punch with two sheets of Origami paper.

Fishing Item Count

  • This is from the Let’s Go Fishing pack from Embark on the Journey — thank you!
  • As we are always working on the teens here, I gave him the pages where the number of items to count is between 12 and 20.

Symmetry Drawing

Octonauts Maze

Magnetic Fish Puzzle

Ocean Math

Octonauts Kelp Cake Decorating

  • Another cute Octonauts activity! I printed this one in black and white (and actually, it is laminated back to to back with the Octonauts maze above)

This week of fish preschool DID coincide with a trip to an aquarium! It’s always fun when those work out. He really applies his Octonauts-derived knowledge of ocean creatures during a week like this!

I can’t say enough how cool it was to see him do that symmetrical drawing activity by Adirondack Teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers. I never would have expected he’d do so well with that!

We are likely reaching the end of our regular animal trays. They aren’t going away, it was just a focus during this summer. And there is still so many more to learn about! Thanks for reading!

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Cool Books for Fish Preschool Trays!

Fish Preschool Theme Ideas!

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