13 Summer Preschool Trays!

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A change of the season means another no-brainer theme for me! (We have a lot of fun learning with seasonal school themes.) Though it has been hot for a while, we are ready to welcome summer with our 13 Summer Preschool Trays!

  1. Summer Word Puzzles
  2. Bubble Sequence Cards
  3. Summer Compound Words
  4. Cut & Color Ice Cream Sundae
  5. Sand Sight Word Tracing
  6. Missing Alphabet
  7. How Many?
  8. Sun Shapes
  9. Sort by Color
  10. Pinwheel Circle Tracing
  11. Ice Cream Scoops 1-10
  12. Paper Craft Popsicles
  13. Disney Jr. Summer Solstice Facts

Summer Word Puzzles

Bubble Sequence Cards

  • These seasonal sequence activities are so cute! Hard to pick between building a sandcastle, making lemonade, and blowing bubbles sequence cards, but I chose bubbles!
  • I printed them in color and cut them out so that he could line them up in order.

Summer Compound Words

  • These is the cute set of summer compound words on Teachers Notebook — thanks!
  • I printed these as is and trimmed them for a cool matching activity.

Cut & Color Ice Cream Sundae

  • I really wanted a coloring activity related to making a sundae. But you know what, I couldn’t find one…
  • So I used the Ice Cream Sundae Summer pack and took off the writing prompts. I’d love to use those but E is not ready for that yet!
  • Then I printed the sheets black and white, and gave him Crayola Twistables crayons, scissors and glue to make his own sundae.

Sand Sight Word Tracing

  • The picture here makes it hard to tell, but this activity is modeled off of the Down by the Sea center from Mrs. Ricca (amazing things on her blog!)
  • Using this sea shell clip art, I made several summer-related sight words (like “hot,” “sun,” and so on)
  • I put about an inch of sand in a tray, and added some tools, a paintbrush (with the intent of “writing” with the end if desired), plus all of the words.

Missing Alphabet
How Many?
Sort by Color
Sun Shapes

  • All four of these awesome activities can be found in the free summer printable pack from Totschooling! I love the variety in her activities!

Pinwheel Circle Tracing

  • Mazes and activities from kleuteridee.nl are going to end up here a lot! Here is another one — a worksheet of very cute (and difficult!) pinwheel tracing.

Ice Cream Scoops 1-10

  • This cute ice cream countdown activity is from Teachers Notebook!
  • Intended as a countdown for a classroom, I used it to put numbers in order from 1-10!
  • I just printed this in color and trimmed for him.

Paper Craft Popsicles

  • This super cute craft is inspired by Tiny Rotten Peanuts — thank you for the idea!
  • To prep the craft, I folded a piece of paper in half and trimmed to a popsicle shape. Then I made more of them with different colors.
  • I have a whole pile of paper scraps from scrapbook days – even jagged edges and such.
  • For the popsicle sticks, I made things easy by attaching glue dots to small sticks so he could add them when he’s done.

Disney Jr. Summer Solstice Facts

  • I came across this pin during the winter solstice, and knew it’d be useful for the summer theme!

I sometimes have a hard time guessing how E will take to certain parts of school. This week, he exhibited something I have seen in kids before — almost a fear of coloring outside the lines! The ice cream activity turned into a mini-meltdown as he didn’t want to color the ice cream scoop outside of the lines. We showed him that he could cut it out anyway, but he would have none of it!

On the other side, he was very enthusiastic about the popsicles, laughing every time he called them “lollipops.” He also liked stacking the ice cream cone scoops in order, asking us if we could eat an ice cream cone that size.

He’s just about to turn 4 and it shows! 🙂

Cool Summer Preschool Books

Summer theme ideas for preschool homeschool!

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