13 Tractors Preschool Trays!

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When you live where we do, there is nothing odd about having a farm theme, farm animal theme, AND a tractors preschool theme in the same school year! So watch this week as 13 Tractor Preschool Trays help us learn about an important asset on the farm!

Items starred* below are from the Tractor Kindergarten Pack from Royal Baloo — thank you so much for the resource!

  1. Corn & Tractor Sensory Bin
  2. Tractor Trace & Draw
  3. Farm Words*
  4. Tractor Block Math*
  5. Tractor/Wagon Math Matching*
  6. Color by Letter
  7. Tractor Maze*
  8. Counting by Tens
  9. John Deere DIY Puzzle
  10. Simple Tractor Play Dough Tray
  11. Tractor Photo Mixup
  12. John Deere Maze
  13. Tractor Catalog

Corn & Tractor Sensory Bin

  • You can’t have a farm-oriented activity without some corn. 🙂
  • I filled the bottom of a bin with some corn (deer feed).
  • Then, I added a cute John Deere front loader toy (a lot like this one), scoop and rake, TP roll and our favorite wood flower pots!

Tractor Trace & Draw

  • This is the little wooden tractor from the ALEX Toys String A Farm
  • For the activity, I gave him several blank notecards and some colored pencils.
  • Just like during his onion school, I made a rough example of what to do (Trace & color the tractor!)
  • He again liked this mostly unstructured way to draw!

Farm Words*

  • E has been loving to draw and trace letters lately, so this Royal Baloo printable was great for us! Thanks!

Tractor Block Math*

  • We used cards from the Royal Baloo pack and some dollar store foam cubes in matching colors for a hands-on math activity.

Tractor/Wagon Math Matching*

  • More math from the tractor pack — match each equation on the wagons with the correct numbered tractor. Great activity!

Color by Letter

Tractor Maze*

  • This maze is another cute item from the Royal Baloo pack. Thanks!

Counting by Tens

  • Used the Counting by 10 worksheet from Making Learning Fun — thank you!
  • Printed this on cardstock, then gave it to him with scissors so he could trim and organize each card.

John Deere DIY Puzzle

  • This “DIY” Puzzle is one of the several cute John Deere printables available on their website!
  • I printed this in color, trimmed it down so it’d fit in a small tray, and gave him scissors of course!

Simple Tractor Play Dough Tray

Tractor Photo Mixup

  • Found several isolated (white background) tractors, and flipped some so they were all facing the same way
  • Printed them all on photo paper (part of a standard photo order — a nice way to get color for a good price!)
  • I trimmed all these to thirds, then gave them to him to make some “mixed-up” tractors!

John Deere Maze

Tractor Catalog

  • Easy as it gets — this is simply a catalog of tractors and other equipment available at Lowes. No specific activity here — just an opportunity to look at different kinds of farm equipment!

While challenging, it was fun to have a farm-centered theme but not focusing on animals! I’m quite thankful for Royal Baloo’s free printables, otherwise this tractors preschool theme may not have happened in the first place!

Of course, we also got to see many real tractors. And the farm fun will continue as we revisit a Farm Animals theme later this summer!

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Easy farm theme ideas with our tractor preschool trays!

Awesome Books for Tractor Preschool!

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4 thoughts on “13 Tractors Preschool Trays!

  1. My kids would love these tractor trays. They have a bin with corn and tractors that they have played in all fall. Thanks for sharing at Made for Kids!

  2. What a group of fun tractor ideas. I especially love the tractor sensory idea, my boys love using sensory anything! My boys enjoy checking out the tractor at the local farm we get our milk and meat from. Pinning over to my fall Pinterest board to use during our fall study. Thanks for linking up with inspire Me Monday. I hope you have a wonderful week!!

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