13 Valentine Tot Trays

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Our Valentine tot trays and activities were the biggest hit so far. As I said earlier, it helps that everywhere we went we saw hearts! Here is a summary of our 13 Valentine tot trays (or 12 with a bonus one).

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Celebrate Valentine's Day with a cute set of 13 Valentine tot trays!

  1. Styrofoam Heart & Picks
  2. Pom Pom Color Sort w/ Tongs
  3. Heart Stickers & Shadow Matching
  4. Heart Tangrams
  5. Felt Button Strips
  6. 1,2,3 Sticks
  7. Name Heart Letters
  8. Heart Collage
  9. Heart Picks with Shaker Jar
  10. Valentine Sensory Bin
  11. Valentine Train Coloring
  12. Matching Heart Stickers
  13. Cutting Practice

Styrofoam Heart & Picks

  • White styrofoam block with two hearts drawn in Sharpie (red, pink)
  • Dollar store red and pink picks to match
  • Idea from Mom’s Have Questions Too — thank you!

Pom Pom Color Sort w/ Tongs

  • Three toilet paper tubes wrapped in colored paper scraps
  • Three colors of pom poms to match tubes
  • Included small red tongs to transfer and sort the pom poms
  • Idea from Dirt & Boogers – thank you!

Heart Stickers & Shadow Matching

  • Placed dollar store conversation heart stickers on paper, took picture
  • Made picture black and white so I just had black hearts to match the two sticker sizes
  • Then, I used these heart shape graphics and Publisher to make four cards with 3-5 “shadows” on them
  • Included several conversation hearts stickers to match the shadows
  • (These are his Valentines for little friends!)

Heart Tangrams

  • My favorite Lauri Tangrams, again!
  • Included the sheet with the heart shape and the four necessary pieces

Felt Button Strips

1,2,3 Sticks

  • Made hearts with 1, 2, and 3 cut out on Silhouette Cameo
  • Attached hearts with foam mounting squares to 3 unused Medela milk storage bottles
  • Included six foam heart picks to match in each container
  • Idea from Mom’s Have Questions Too — thanks!

Name Heart Letters

  • Used Silhouette Cameo to cut hearts with each letter of E’s name in the middle
  • Goal is for him to put the letters of his name in order and/or match the letters in each heart.

Heart Collage

  • Printed out heart on pink cardstock
  • Put random craft collage pieces in container: crinkle paper, tissue paper strips, adhesive jewels, etc.
  • Plus glue stick and scissors

Heart Picks with Shaker Jar

  • This is mostly E’s doing – he was putting the heart picks from his 1,2,3 Sticks in everything he could, but then was interested in putting them in the shaker holes instead.
  • Idea from everywhere on the internet – thank you Internet!

Valentine Sensory Bin

  • My first sensory bin! Includes:
  • Pink colored rice
  • Two heart cookie cutters
  • Plastic red heart gems from the dollar store
  • Red, pink, purple & white pom-poms
  • Three ball-shaped candles
  • White scoop

Valentine Train Coloring

Matching Heart Stickers

  • Four white index cards folded with simple pattern on one side
  • Blank side is to repeat the pattern
  • One sheet of heart stickers for matching

Cutting Practice

Our Valentine Tot Trays was our first purely topical theme and I see how the outside world can really help round out the theme. There are a lot more of those on the way (and a slam dunk starting next – firefighters)

The biggest surprise on this list was the Shadows. I ended printing two more sets of 4 cards, making the last one a lot harder. Plus he was able to easily take the backing off of the heart stickers so he was truly independent. He added markers too and made very cute valentines!

The sensory bin was also fun; for a while we set it up on the light table as well.

The collage one didn’t work without help. I think using glue on non-paper surface isn’t clicking yet. I will use contact paper again next time; he liked that when he made a fish bowl.

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Valentine theme trays for tot school!

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4 thoughts on “13 Valentine Tot Trays

  1. Hello, I just saw your tot tray ideas and liked them so much, thank you thank you thank you. Would you please please please help me in making my tot tray form, I am working, planning, googling and studying so hard to make a daily and weekly form for my tot , I like to have a form to make everything planed and easy, but do not know what to put in each tray for each day, aren’t there any sample and pattern, for example every day we have to do math,language,finemotor skills and etc? like to have a daily sample form and then every day only reload that tray. Any idea would be great , thank you so much.

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