14 Black & White Color Preschool Trays

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I’ve had in mind to do some sort of “grayscale” school to focus on those colors. I ended up going with just black and white, a good color preschool theme!

Need ideas for a color preschool theme? The 15 trays here are all black and white!

  1. Square Cut, Stack & Glue
  2. Car Sight Words
  3. Black & White Drawing
  4. Zebra Tracing
  5. Black & White Bean Sensory Bin
  6. Geoboard
  7. Unifix Math
  8. Black & White Legos
  9. Cotton Loop Band Stretching
  10. Black & White Biggie Beads
  11. Erasing Practice
  12. Black & White Books
  13. Dry Erase Dot Page
  14. Chain Weaving

Square Cut, Stack & Glue

  • This is a page of squares made in Publisher with various “fills” – shades of gray, checkered, etc.
  • To illustrate the plan to ‘stack’ them in some way, I glued three varying squares together as a sample
  • There was also a piece of purple cardstock to glue on to, plus scissors and glue!

Car Sight Words

  • We are reusing this activity from Car Preschool!
  • Then I had made a sheet of 10 sight words, plus a road in the middle, to be a parking lot
  • Then I put small labels of each word onto a black, white, or black and white vehicle
  • Park the cars in the right spots!

Black & White Drawing

Zebra Tracing

  • This is the Zebra coloring sheet, appropriately printed in black and white, and ready to make Z’s!

Black & White Bean Sensory Bin

  • Black beans in a sensory bin! As usual…
  • This time we have black eyed peas too, one of my favorite mixtures.
  • We also put in some chunky soccer ball erasers, colored glass gems scoops and cups!


  • As usual, here is the geoboard! But of course we included just black and white rubberbands for making designs.

Unifix Math

  • Combined a few things here! The big numbered dice are from Dicecapades Kids Version, the foam die is from a dollar store math set, and of course, Unifix Cubes!
  • The plan here was for him to do the rolling but for us to help with putting things in order — a fun activity!

Black & White Legos

  • This is delightfully simple — just a bunch of loose black and white LEGOs! A tiny pop of color is provided by the two white and black-clad Minifigures I included.

Cotton Loop Band Stretching

  • From back when “loom bands” weren’t tiny rubberbands, but for making potholders! I took out a bunch of black and white
    cotton loops, but what to do with them…
  • I settled on giving him a soup container that would take some effort to put the loops around. I wondered if he’d figure out a pattern!

Black & White Biggie Beads

  • One of our newer favorites, I first enjoyed (seriously) sorting the black and white Perler Biggie Beads from the rest of the colors…
  • Then I put a tie-dyed piece of paper in the Biggie Bead Tray
  • Open ended from here — make any black and white design you want!

Erasing Practice

  • This one is because I had a black and white checked clicking eraser
  • I shaded an area of an index card with a pencil, then erased part as a sample.

Black & White Books

  • We usually have a bin of books each week near school (or near the couch) but they aren’t usually related to our trays. They are this week, with the cute Look, Look! and more (see below)

Dry Erase Dot Page

Chain Weaving

  • So this Dreambaby Toy Chain was one of those things we put on our baby registry. Before E arrived I already had a ton of stuffed animals and thought this seemed practical. In reality, while we tend to rotate about 80% of his toys, this is always around! And it’s in school this time…
  • The plan here is to do some unconventional weaving with ribbons!

This week of black and white color preschool trays was great – and with a whole lot of drawing! In the days since he has frequently been getting black paper and light colored pencils by himself, and it’s cool that he now understands that!

We have a lot of fall-themed weeks coming up so it was a great time for a visually exciting theme like this.

Hey wait, this idea isn’t all that new. Take a look back to last year when we did red and blue color tot school!

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Cool Books for Black & White Color Preschool Trays

Discovering color preschool in black and white! 15 tray ideas!

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