14 Cats Preschool Trays!

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My involvement with homeschool is not what I desire it to be these days! It’s been so busy between my day job and my clients! I appreciate that I can at least set up school each week, whether or not I get to take part in it.

Our cat had her first visit with a new vet so it seemed like a great opportunity to have a week of Cats Preschool! As usual, we are so thankful for all the great free resources available. So here we go with 14 Cats Preschool Trays!

A cool sensory bin, adaptable craft and many great printables are in this set of Cats Preschool Trays!

  1. Wild Cat Sticker Scene
  2. Color Cat Masks
  3. Cat Sight Words
  4. Cat Face Craft
  5. Wild Cat Feeding Stations Sensory Bin
  6. Numbers 11-20 Cut & Paste
  7. What Color is the Yarn?
  8. Graphing
  9. Which one is Different?
  10. Cat Story & Word Match
  11. Write the Room
  12. Cat Dot-to-Dot
  13. Cat’s Needs
  14. Cats Book

Wild Cat Sticker Scene

Color Cat Masks

Cat Sight Words

  • Our sight word discovery continues with TWO, LOOK, and BIG!

Cat Face Craft

  • This open-ended craft was surely inspired by this Pete the Cat craft on Kids Soup – thank you!
  • Into this large food tray we put several craftable items – wiggle eyes, trimmed pipe cleaners, pompoms, paper scraps, paper circles, pencils, scissors and glue.
  • I laid out but didn’t glue a cat so he could see some ideas!

Wild Cat Feeding Stations Sensory Bin

  • This is the full sensory bin that accompanied my Cardboard Landforms post!
  • The base of the bin is birdseed, with some rocks and such, and the cardboard landforms of course!
  • We expanded this a bit by calling it a “Wild Cat Feeding Station”. We found a few wild cats, and gave them clear lids as their food dishes.
  • Then for “food” we used red foam pieces, toilet paper roll pieces, and blue beads (beef, poultry and fish, I suppose).
  • Finally, we utilized the TPT printable Clock Search (thank you!) that we printed out during Clocks Preschool, and drew how many of each “meat” each cat gets at each feeding.
  • Our plan wasn’t to emphasize the time on the clock but it gives us a chance to talk about it!

Numbers 11-20 Cut & Paste, What Color is the Yarn?, Graphing, Which one is Different?, Cat Story & Word Match, and Write the Room

  • All six(!) of these amazing activities are from the Cats Preschool Pack from 1+1+1=1!
  • For What Color is the Yarn?, I wrote down the names of the colors in the right colors on a piece of paper, as he doesn’t recognize them quite yet.
  • For the awesome Cat Graphing, I did the exact thing with the foam block that I did during Woodland Animals Preschool!
  • For the Write the Room activity, I used washi tape to hide the words on the walls. We did one batch one day, and other three days later!
  • For all these activities I am thankful for Carisa of 1+1+1=1!

Cat Dot-to-Dot

  • This cute Cat Connect the Dots Worksheet is printed from Daycare Worksheets — thanks!
  • My bunny loving son enjoyed the rabbit logo in the top left!

Cat’s Needs

  • Circle the things that cats need, courtesy of Education.com. This worksheet was good for conversation and reasoning!

Cats Book

  • I so love this hand-drawn Cats book from this set of free beginner reader books by Frugal Fun 4 Boys!
  • I printed it, stapled it, and finished the edge with some electrical tape. SUCH a cute book!

The school theme this week could have been sickness! Ugh! But this was just the right theme to keep E interested and learning, even if his body wasn’t quite cooperating.

As stated this was planned around a trip to the vet, and I hear E got a special tour of the facility! Another plus for homeschooling – I love how even the every day activities can turn into a learning experience.

Oh boy our next theme is a fun one: Lego Preschool!

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Fun homeschool preschool theme with cats!

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2 thoughts on “14 Cats Preschool Trays!

  1. SO MUCH FUN!! My daughter loves ‘what’s the difference’ activities. I am pinning this to both Everything Kids’ board as well as my personal board. This would make a fun filled week!

    Thanks for sharing with Everything Kids! We hope you come share with us next week also.

    • Thank you! The mere fact that we have a cat made it more fun. Can’t say we have a pet dinosaur during Dinosaur Week – haha!

      I’ll be back to post again on Everything Kids – thank you for hosting!

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