14 Fire and Fire Fighter Tot Trays & Activities

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Here is a roundup of our very fun theme: Fire and Fire Fighter Tot Trays! I didn’t end up using a couple activities but I will save them our next round of fire fighter tot trays! Our Fireman Sam fan sure loved this one!

E’s homeschool area is downstairs and only keep a few toys on that floor (he has a nice playroom upstairs). For this week though we brought down his Hape Playscapes Fire Station and Hape Playscapes Big Red Fire Truck. I also put his felt board up on his easel with the word F-I-R-E (upper and lower case) and a couple felt fire vehicles. This makes me think I will use the easel to “introduce” some of our upcoming themes. (This replaces the little ‘sign’ I was putting on top of his school shelf at first; I quickly realized there wasn’t enough room to see the sign.)

I link below but I want to say thanks to Our Little Monkeys for her Fire Fighter Tot Pack!

So click the links for the 14 Fire and Fire Fighter tot trays and toddler activities!

14 fire and fire fighter themed tot trays and toddler activities!

  1. Fire Truck Paper Piecing
  2. Circle What’s Different
  3. Firefighter Puzzle Cards
  4. Dalmatian Thumbprint Spots
  5. Put Out the Fires!
  6. Shadow Matching
  7. Pasta & Rice Pouring
  8. Pasta & Rice Sensory Bin
  9. Fireman Sam Coloring
  10. Fire Fighting Sensory Bin
  11. Firefighter Tracing
  12. Books (Richard Scarry’s A Day at the Fire Station and Curious George and the Firefighters)
  13. Felt Board
  14. Hape Playscapes Fire Station and Hape Playscapes Big Red Fire Truck

Fire Truck Paper Piecing

  • Scraps of paper to make a fire truck: 2 red rectangles, 1 smaller yellow rectangle, 2 black circles and 1 white square, plus sheet to glue on to
  • Made a “sample” for him to see
  • Included crayon to draw a ladder and a glue stick
  • Idea from Teach Preschool — thanks!

Circle What’s Different

Firefighter Puzzle Cards

  • Another activity from the Fire Fighter Tot Pack — thank you!
  • Cut out the pieces, laminated for durability, then cut again
  • There were 5 puzzles and I only included 2 to start.

Dalmatian Thumbprint Spots

  • Printout of cute dog on cardstock
  • Cut around edges (rough, so he could cut too if he wants)
  • Small stamp pad to make thumbprint “spots” on the dog

Put Out the Fires!

  • Used Publisher to make sheet with four fire trucks and four “fires” to put out
  • Put a number on each truck to match with number of flames on the right
  • Laminated this…
  • Then cut 4 small slits in the trucks, put a shoelace through each
  • Taped the fire hose “shoelaces” in the back

Shadow Matching

Pasta & Rice Pouring

  • 2 small containers, 1 with dyed rice and 1 with small pasta rings
  • Included 2 bottles to pour into
  • (Not really related but he likes pouring so much I wanted to include this)

Pasta & Rice Sensory Bin

  • This wasn’t the intent, but the Pasta & Rice Pouring turned into this!
  • Along with the dyed rice and ring pasta, added some elbow pasta
  • Added measuring spoons, kid-safe OXO mini beakers, two empty bottles, a ladle, and two new pitchers we bought at the store ($3.49/each)

Fireman Sam Coloring

Firefighting Sensory Bin

  • Bin full of some very random things, including:
  • Two red Valentine battery-powered tealights (fun!)
  • Regular pompoms
  • Glittery pompoms
  • Zipper
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Various ribbons
  • Random foam pieces (including some cool red glitter ones)
  • Velvet-like black ribbon and white shoelace (for hoses)

Firefighter Tracing

This theme was a big deal for us (haha). The idea for it simply came from his favorite show – Fireman Sam. (Ironically, or maybe not surprising at all, he is watching the show less now!)

We even had two firetrucks with lights and sirens on pass us the other day on the road (though we explained to E that it means “someone is in danger” like he has learned from Fireman Sam!)

Bringing down a special ‘play’ item and tying it to school seemed like a good idea. While I was concerned about mixing too much “play” with “school,” I do think both really helped each other out. I have to remind myself sometimes to have more fun! He was pretending to be a fireman everywhere too: in the bathtub, he used the shower head; and in the garage, D drew some fires on the floor with chalk, and E put them out with the shopvac!

The pasta and rice was a LOT of fun. It started as a simple pouring activity, then were poured together as a bin of sorts. Finally, it was added to salt in his light table. With the different shapes and sizes it was actually easy to sort all the materials when he was done.

Once again the crafty projects were the most fun – coloring, paper piecing and the Dalmatian thumbprint picture.

I look forward to revisiting this theme soon, especially when we can visit the fire station (I think he has to be 3). And we did about 6 months later with 12 More Fire Tot Trays!

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 31 months old! Also shared at the Preschool and Kindergarten Community Linkup hosted by Homeschool Creations, as well as at the Everything Early Childhood Link Up, Tuesday Talk, Kitchen Fun & Crafty Friday, and Mom’s Library!

Cool Books for Fire Fighter Tot Trays

A sample of fire themed activities for tot school!

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