14 Hockey Preschool Trays!

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Great John Scott! Who knew that the 2016 NHL All-Star game would have so much drama, primarily induced from the NHL in the first place. Makes you wonder! But I am so happy John Scott prevailed. It was also cool to see little Jagger Burns and Nathan Pavelski and all those young players out there. (Let alone the ageless Jaromir Jagr!)

Yet, this week of Hockey preschool wasn’t actually tied to the game at all, but hockey we got to see locally!

Here we use the Hockey Tot Pack, of which I am quite proud! I also added an activity this year where kids can match the team logos with real photos of the team names. Thanks for checking out these free printables and more among our 14 Hockey Preschool Trays!

14 Hockey Preschool Trays!

  1. Rubber Bands on a Puck
  2. White Board Marker “Broom” Hockey
  3. Hockey Stick Making
  4. NHL Team Logo/Photo Match
  5. Hockey 3-Part Cards
  6. Hockey Memory Game
  7. Hockey Pin Pages (from tracing page)
  8. Hockey Equipment Match
  9. Puck & Magnetic Wand w/ Rink Line Drawing
  10. NHL Coloring Pages
  11. Hockey Bingo
  12. Design a Goalie Mask
  13. Skate Lacing
  14. Hockey Puck Crayons (made from old crayons!)

Rubber Bands on a Puck

  • This awesome fine motor idea is from Every Star is Different’s amazing hockey unit!
  • All we needed was a hockey puck (an old game-used collegiate one at that) and several colored rubberbands!

White Board Marker “Broom” Hockey

  • This was an accidental idea but ended up as a cute activity, once again inspired by Every Star is Different!
  • We had a standard small white board probably purchased during back to school sales. I added two magnetic dry erase markers with the intention of drawing the lines on the “ice”. But then we ended up using a button magnet from the dollar store upside down (so it doesn’t stick) and played a little broom-style hockey!

Hockey Stick Making

  • This is just various lengths of popsicle sticks, and washi tape to attach them.
  • Pretend your team has both Nathan Gerbe and Zdeno Chara, and it’s time to make them each new sticks!

NHL Team Logo/Photo Match
Hockey 3-Part Cards
Hockey Memory Game
Hockey Pin Pages (from tracing page)
Hockey Equipment Match

  • I’m so proud that all of these activities are from my own Free Hockey Tot Pack!
  • The logo/photo match was a new activity I added this year. That was fun, and he really liked the Penguins and Panthers!
  • I ended up using the tracing page as a pin page – he had a great time with that. What ended up working out well was simply using a stack of felt under the pages, then the toothpick went through just fine.
  • Finally, the equipment match activity is probably a little too young for him, but I made it a little more interesting using a Lakeshore Learning sorting math tray!

Puck & Magnetic Wand w/ Rink Line Drawing

  • OK. So does anyone remember Precious Places? It was this whole town playset where each piece (I namely remember the ice rink, church, and simply the sidewalks) was raised, so you could stick a magnetic key underneath and move the characters on top. That’s my inspiration here!!!
  • I started out with this Crayola Dual-Sided Dry Erase Board, which looks like the dry erase board I used earlier, but it is not magnetic. And it’s black on the back!
  • Using the crayons it came with I roughly drew the lines you would find on the ice, along with some numbers as guidance for moving around the puck. (I left the crayons with the tray so he could draw some more.)
  • Then I put a button magnet on as a puck, and a magnetic wand to put under the ice to move the puck around on top!

NHL Coloring Pages

  • The Delco Phantoms know what is going on! They have a bunch of great hockey coloring pages of teams and mascots!
  • To start we printed the Calgary Flames, Minnesota Wild, and San Jose Sharks logos.

Hockey Bingo

  • So thankful for this cool Hockey Bingo Activity from Creative Mama on a Dime!
  • I printed all the cards in color, and trimmed them. Also printed all of the call words in B&W, trimmed them small and put them in a little basket so we could make our selections.
  • Finally, I collected different sizes of black checkers and black glass gems to look like hockey pucks!

Design a Goalie Mask

  • We used this last year! I hope that Hockey Canada doesn’t mind a 4-year old American using this to design a mask.
  • We made this activity better with The Sporting News’ Greatest Masks of All Time!

Skate Lacing

  • Another activity recycled from last year, here the intent is to string shoelaces through the holes of laminated hockey skates.

Hockey Puck Crayons (made from old crayons!)

  • I finally did this! The hockey puck tie-in is inspired by this pin!
  • First I crunched up a bunch of broken crayon pieces, then put those inside a six-cup muffin silicone pan.
  • As directed, I put the tray in a low 250 degree oven for around 15 minutes. They were dry and cool within a half hour!
  • The next day I gave him just these crayons with black and white paper to see what he could come up with!

We also did a frozen rink like the one found on 123 Homeschool 4 Me! This was just done outside of our school trays. Thanks Beth as always for the wonderful ideas!

This was a cute and fun week of school. I am trying to do several sports themes this year and I made things easy by starting with my favorite sport.

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Cool Hockey Preschool Books

14 ideas for a hockey preschool theme!

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