14 Preschool Pi and Pie Trays!

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Most people love Pie, and Pi is pretty cool, too. Why not combine the two for a rounded week of Preschool Pi and Pie Trays? I liked that we have several ways to explore and explain the parts of a circle (deeper than we had in our early Circle Tot Trays) and roughly illustrate what Pi is.

We make Pi a bit more relatable to preschoolers with the help of Pie in this fun week of 14 Preschool Pi and Pie Trays! Toys, repurposed items, and great printables round out a great week!

  1. Celebrate Pi Day!
  2. Felt Pizza (Pie)
  3. Flower Pie Chart
  4. Minnie Mouse Coloring Page
  5. Pizza “Pi” Worksheet
  6. Measuring Circumference and Diameters
  7. Build Pie Words
  8. Picture Pie Pieces
  9. Color Wheel
  10. Simple Math & DIY Pie Pieces
  11. Spirograph
  12. Fraction Puzzle
  13. DIY Pie w/ Beads & Play Dough
  14. Full Circle Protractor

Celebrate Pi Day!

  • This cute and just-what-I-was-looking-for “Celebrate Pi Day” coloring page is available from Printable Colouring Pages – there are many other resources available at the above link as well!
  • Added some big and bold markers!

Felt Pizza (Pie)

  • This pizza is extra special for us because it was one of two gifts E asked Santa for two Christmases ago. We play i tall the time!
  • The Melissa & Doug Felt Pizza has so much learning potential – and is great for Pie/Pi School. This was our most effective way to demonstrate radius, diameter, and circumference!

Flower Pie Chart

Minnie Mouse Coloring Page

  • This convenient coloring page is from a dollar store Mickey coloring book!

Pizza “Pi” Worksheet

  • Though the explanation would be over his head, I liked the tine-in of this Pizza Pi worksheet in this week of Pie and Pi Preschool!

Measuring Circumference and Diameters

  • This discovery tray provides different ways to look at diameter and circumference.
  • First I collected circles of various sizes that had an edge of some sort to make them easier to measure.
  • Then for measuring tools I included a foldable ruler, mini tape measure, a Peg & Cat flexible ruler, plus various lengths of string
  • A pair of scissors rounds out this tray.

Build Pie Words

Picture Pie Pieces

Color Wheel

  • This color wheel was first used during Art Tot Trays!
  • I thought this “pie” would be good to explore for multiple reasons. I added a crayon of each color on the wheel and blank paper!

Simple Math & DIY Pie Pieces

  • This is a hybrid of some other activities! The highlight is a four-piece pretend play pie that I made out of a foam circle, textured red felt, standard red felt, and a glue gun!
  • To make this into a math activity, I added blank addition and subtraction problems that were already laminated to use with a magnetic dry erase marker.
  • Finally I put all of this on a magnetic dollar store tray!


  • I was so glad to see that Spirograph is back! While you can get the full Spirograph Deluxe Set, this is the handy Travel Spirograph.
  • As toys go, may I say this is pretty darn close to the version of this I frequently played with as a kid!)
  • Added several ballpoint pens to this so he could look at circles in yet another way.

Fraction Puzzle

  • This lovely, chunky Guidecraft Fraction Action puzzle is a perfect fit for Pi AND Pie School!
  • The sets themselves can be pies of one, two, or three pieces. The two-piece circle illustrates diameter as well.

DIY Pie w/ Beads & Play Dough

  • This very simple play dough tray is simply a small amount of white homemade play dough, a tart pan (or today, a pie plate) from the IKEA Duktig baking set, different dried beans, and a knife.
  • I hoped he’d make a neat pattern of beads on a play dough pie!

Full Circle Protractor

  • This Full Circle Protractor provided yet another way to look at circumference, diameter and radius. I included several sheets of paper, but just a pencil and scissors other than that.

Other Cool Pie/Pi Preschool Freebies:

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you find some ideas here for Pi Preschool or Pie Preschool or like we did, a combination of the two!

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Books for Pie & Pi Preschool!
(or maybe a little older than preschool)

We put pie and pi together to have a fun week of Pi Preschool that of course includes Pi Day!

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