14 Pumpkin Preschool Trays!

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It’s time to revisit yet another tot school theme: Pumpkins! This mostly jack-o-lantern free week of school again coincides with early October and when that first trip to the pumpkin patch is in order. (Don’t forget to wash those pumpkins!)

Celebrate and learn during the fall season with 14 pumpkin preschool trays!

  1. Pumpkin “Pin Art”
  2. Number Write & Match*
  3. Magnet Build a Pumpkin
  4. Silhouette Cameo Pumpkin Weaving
  5. Pumpkin Seed Math
  6. “My Pumpkin” Reader*
  7. Pumpkin Patch Picture Puzzle
  8. Pumpkin Tracing*
  9. Pumpkin Seed Sensory Tray
  10. Perler Bead Pumpkin
  11. 11-20 Maze*
  12. Pumpkin Patch Coloring Page
  13. Pumpkin Sight Words
  14. Stages of a Pumpkin*

Starred items are from This Reading Mama’s Pumpkin PreK-K pack – thank you!

Pumpkin “Pin Art”

  • For this activity we started with a Pin Art Toy that we purchased at Michaels last year. This usually sits around his school area for a simple ‘brain break’.
  • But this time, we gave him a pumpkin (and later, gourds) so he could see how the pins move with each item. Super cool!

Number Write & Match*

  • We used this pumpkin scene page to practice some number writing.
  • I gave him 10 cardstock circles so he could draw the matching number and place it on top of the number on the page!

Magnet Build a Pumpkin

  • This activity is made up of magnets very similar to these “Kidshapes” magnetic Tangrams (I think I purchased what I have from Lakeshore Learning several years ago)
  • I just put these on a magnetic toy IKEA baking sheet
  • and encouraged him to try to make some pumpkins with the shapes!

Silhouette Cameo Pumpkin Weaving

Pumpkin Seed Math

  • We needed to find an activity for our Wilton Pumpkin Silicone Mold – how about some math!
  • On cardstock squares, I wrote various simple addition equations and put one in each of the pumpkins
  • Then, I put a bunch of pumpkin seeds (from the sensory tray below) in a tray for him to use as counters!

“My Pumpkin” Reader*

  • This is such a fun one from the pumpkin pack to do again!
  • I again printed the story pages in black and white, then the sheets of pumpkins in color. (I gave him the full sheet of pumpkins plus scissors and glue so he could do that himself)
  • We enjoyed the sight word opportunity of guessing what it says – fat, green, and so on!

Pumpkin Patch Picture Puzzle

Pumpkin Tracing*

  • Printed last time but not used, this is a great (and pretty challenging!) tracing activity from the pumpkin pack.

Pumpkin Seed Sensory Tray

Perler Bead Pumpkin

11-20 Maze*

  • From the pumpkin pack, this was a great activity as we are actively working on the teens right now.
  • I ‘rewarded’ him with the 1-10 maze right after he did this one!

Pumpkin Patch Coloring Page

Pumpkin Sight Words

  • This really cool set of Pre-Primer Pumpkin Sight Words from A to Z Teacher Stuff really inspired me to look at sight words more actively!
  • We looked at five of the words from the Dolch Pre-Primer list this week – me, you, I, is, in. We are going to add 3 a week (more on that soon!)

Stages of a Pumpkin*

  • We did this activity from This Reading Mama in two stages. First we just looked at the six cards showing the stages of a pumpkin.
  • Later in the week, we added the number cards (1-6) and words that explain each stage!

Once again, thank you to the wonderful This Reading Mama for your Pumpkin PreK-K pack (and everything you do)! (In case you missed the note, all of the starred items are from her pack.)

Somehow, once again, we had another beautiful day at the pumpkin patch! 3 out of 4 years now! I think that is officially an anomaly given where we live. We were frankly too warm this year! We enjoyed picking out several pumpkins. I really wanted a green one, Dad was picking the perfect ones for his carving plans, and E wanted each one at the patch. 🙂

Like last year’s pumpkin tot school week, I have enjoyed the pumpkin week because we can enjoy more Halloweeny pumpkins later in the month. I don’t want to think ahead too much, but I can’t help but think what we will do with pumpkins next year!

I was going to say that up next we have a break in the fall themes, but actually, Woodland Creatures took a bit of a fall twist as well! More soon.

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Cool Books for Pumpkin Preschool Trays!

Fall fun with pumpkin preschool trays!

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  1. I always love when you share your preschool trays. They’re so much help! Thanks for sharing your resources with us on #shinebloghop this week. Always happy that you were able to join us.

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