14 Train Preschool Trays!

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Here is a theme that would interest many little boys and girls out there — Train Preschool! I had this theme in the works for a while, but I kept delaying it due to the desire to pair the theme with a real train ride. So it has found its place in February and that is just fine!

I went a little more ‘hands on’ this time. Also, I have been putting out some sort of simple sensory tray pretty much every day since the first of the year. I had one that actually fit in with the school theme this week, so it is included as well.

  1. Build a Track! (with cardstock track pieces)
  2. Number Puzzle Cards
  3. Thomas Grid Puzzle
  4. Mini Train Reader
  5. Primary & Secondary Colors
  6. Trains & More Color Sort
  7. Find the Ts
  8. Stamp the Ts
  9. Train Track Sensory Tray
  10. Is It Magnetic? with Cranky
  11. Tracing Diagonal Lines
  12. Follow Directions (and build a train track!)
  13. Train Scene Tracing
  14. Train Ten Puzzle

Build a Track! (with cardstock track pieces)

  • My favorite part of this week is right here: the Printable Train Tracks from So Here’s My Life. Thanks so much!
  • I printed out a couple of these sets in color on cardstock. The detail is so nice!
  • I gave him the pieces on a tray with several Thomas trays. We have a repurposed coffee table that makes a perfect home for this activity!

Number Puzzle Cards

  • This activity is from the Train Tot Pack from Our Little Monkeys — thank you!
  • I trimmed each set of cards (Train/s on the left, number on the right) but encouraged him to cut them with his own scissors.

Thomas Grid Puzzle

  • Printed this cute Thomas & Friends Puzzle from Sprout in color on regular paper
  • I trimmed it down but the grid to him to trim himself.
  • (The Sprout link is no longer active; feel free to check out great Thomas printables from PBS!)

Mini Train Reader

  • Printed the very cute, and single page Tt is for Train from Royal Baloo in color
  • I cut and put it together and just put it with his school. Look, a new book!

Primary & Secondary Colors

Trains & More Color Sort

Find the Ts

  • This cute Find the Letters: “T” worksheet is from Education.com!
  • I printed this in black and white plus gave him a green highlighter to mark all the Ts he could find.

Stamp the Ts

  • Thanks to an idea from Royal Baloo I ended up giving E a letter T stamp with this activity in place of a dot marker!
  • The train printable is from Our Little Monkeys (Thanks!)

Train Track Sensory Tray

Is It Magnetic? with Cranky

  • An activity involving one of our cutest toys — Cranky The Crane
  • Simply gave him a pile of items, some magnetic of course, and two containers for sorting.

Tracing Diagonal Lines

Follow Directions (and build a train track!)

Train Scene Tracing

  • Downloaded and printed the Trace the Train worksheet from Education.com
  • Clipped this to a clipboard and gave him a green pen!

Train Ten Puzzle

  • This is another item from the Train Tot Pack — thank you so much!
  • As usual, I trimmed this into strips for E to put together.

Train preschool was fun for everyone. As mentioned, the printable set was awesome. More could be done to it, from laminating to putting some sort of grippy surface on the bottom. But, it was so nice to be able to print something for under $5 with our regular order with so much play value!

E kept calling it “Thomas School” — it kind of was! We also took the opportunity to check out Chuggington on Netflix; one of those shows we had always overlooked. It is cute enough — but not as cute as the Octonauts. We’ll see them in school in two weeks – Valentine’s Day is up first!

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Great Books for Train Preschool!

Train preschool ideas!

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