14 Weather Tot Trays & Activities

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Explore with your kids and these easy weather tot trays!

Weather is probably one of the first themes I ever wanted to do. But, I knew I wanted to wait a little as there is so much we can do with such a diverse theme! So here they are, 14 (or kind of, 13 and 1/2) Weather Tot Trays and Activities — fun for toddlers and preschoolers:

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  1. Sun Paper Piecing – Part 1
  2. Sun Paper Piecing – Part 2
  3. Rainbow Colored Bead Match
  4. Cloud & Raindrop Sun Catcher Craft
  5. Wind Testing with Fans
  6. Tornado Jar
  7. Hot & Cold Sorting
  8. Cloud/Circle Gluing
  9. Cloud & Rain Simple Sensory Bin
  10. Types of Clouds Cards
  11. Umbrella & Raindrop Shape Match
  12. Rainbow Coloring
  13. Types of Weather Magnets
  14. Weather Book

Sun Paper Piecing – Part 1

  • Using the Silhouette Cameo we cut one large yellow circle and five orange ‘rays’
  • With little guidance he was able to glue the sun parts it place to get ready for Part 2 below

Sun Paper Piecing – Part 2

  • After gluing the sun parts, we gave him various yellow and orange scraps to glue onto the sun pieces. Fun!

Rainbow Colored Bead Match

  • I used the a printable rainbow, colored in the circles with pastel colors
  • While the original intent was to make magnet pompoms for this, I ended up giving him pony beads to place on each circle
  • This ended up being great for dexterity!

Cloud & Raindrop Sun Catcher Craft

  • We modeled this activity off of this Teachers Pay Teachers project — thank you!
  • Using the Silhouette we cut a cloud ‘frame’ out of white cardstock and two raindrop ‘frames’ out of blue
  • We also cut a cute face out of black cardstock
  • After cutting we adhered clear contact paper to the cloud and raindrops, and put the face on the cloud
  • We provided tissue paper squares (white, blue, turquoise) to stick onto the contact paper
  • When done, we put another sheet of contact paper (sticky to sticky), then cut.
  • Finally, we used a hole punch to put 2 holes at the bottom of the cloud and at the top of each drop, then attached them with string.

Wind Testing with Fans

  • I know I saw this idea somewhere — thank you to you.
  • To avoid frustration at first, we included six objects that would easily move from “wind” – a biodegradable packing peanuts, a crumbled up piece of tissue paper, a small styrofoam ball, a cotton ball, small plastic ball and a feather
  • We included two fans for testing — a battery powered one and a hand-cranked one
  • We encouraged him to flip the long tray over and put the items on top to create a ‘road’ of sorts.

Tornado Jar

  • Classic “recipe” was accessed from How to Make a Tornado Jar — thanks!
    Fill jar about 3/4 full with water. Add 1 tsp vinegar and 1 tsp soap. We added some glitter too.
    Tighten real tight (I used a silicone ‘gripper’ thing) and shake!

Hot & Cold Sorting

  • Printed out several “hot” and “cold” items — snowman, hot stove, ice cubes, steaming mug of tea, etc.
  • Used the blue and red bins from a dollar store set as receptacles for the hot and cold items
  • It is hard to tell in the photo but we used letter stickers to label each as “HOT” and “COLD”
  • We are also using this activity to help him know which side of the faucet is which!

Cloud/Circle Gluing

  • Took a simple cloud coloring page and opened in Publisher
  • Made four sizes of circles, copied and pasted until I filled the space
  • Printed this in black and white
  • Then, used the same circles to cut a variety from white cardstock on the Silhouette Cameo
  • Provided him with blue cardstock and glue to attach the cloud to the blue ‘sky,’ and the circles to the cloud

Cloud & Rain Simple Sensory Bin

  • (This is in place of the ‘snow dough’ I made that was too messy to be placed in school!)
  • Simply placed 12 blue gems (AKA ‘rain) inside our existing bin of cotton balls (AKA ‘clouds’)
  • Included two small paint trays to place each gem on

Types of Clouds Cards

  • Printed these in color, as is from The Wise Nest — thank you!
  • I folded the pages in half and laminated them, but I should have used some tape in between. The paper was too thick to stick, and the cards’ opened up’
  • They still served their purpose though; allowing him to see many, many versions of clouds!

Umbrella & Raindrop Shape Match

  • This idea is based off of this Etsy listing — thank you!
  • Found a simple umbrella graphic, made eight of them and filled in the top and handle with various colors
  • Also found a simple rain drop
  • Opened these all in Publisher and placed shapes on each, stars, triangles, arrows, etc.
  • (Fill the shapes with white to help them stand out)
  • Printed all of these in color and laminated, then cut
  • Match the raindrops to each umbrella. I may also incorporate dry erase markers as well.

Rainbow Coloring

  • This is a do-a-dot or pom pom activity, but we used crayons instead
  • Printed this rainbow (thank you!) in color and provided the right crayons to color in the circles

Types of Weather Magnets

  • These magnets are from his daily board!
  • Weather graphics can be found here from Learn Create Love — thank you! I had previously printed in color and mounted each on magnet sheets.
  • I made a simple pie shape in Word and one of each weather graphic in each pie piece
  • Printed this sheet on a magnet board to match the weather magnets to
    This was a fun and familiar way to talk about the different types of weather!

Weather Book

As you can tell by all these weather tot trays, we had many things to do related to the weather! And this was a great time to do it as the weather is really changing (sometimes, multiple times each day!) Also, notice how many are about clouds?

As I had recently said I am doing more toddler craft activities now. It is a little more setup but he really likes these, and, I’m finding he doesn’t usually finish them in one sitting. We are sure running out of space to display these items, but that is a fun problem to have. 🙂

Another thing evident with this theme is that I am using the Silhouette Cameo a LOT more now! It is true outside of homeschool too, so it makes sense. As I wouldn’t redistribute most of the printable items I do, because they are someone else’s or otherwise not mine, I may go into more detail on the Silhouette items I do. There has to be other Silhouette owners out there homeschooling toddlers!

Up next is the theme I have been waiting for — Bus! I have already pushed it twice and am happy to finally have it ready.

See some more science ideas in our Science Tot School and Science Preschool themes.

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 33 months old! Also shared at Montessori Monday, The Homeschool Nook, Motivational Monday,Practical Mondays, Turn it Up Tuesdays, Tuesday Talk, Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party, Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop, A Little Bird Told Me Link Party, Everything Early Childhood Link Up, Laugh & Learn Linkup, Learning Kid Link-Up, Hip Homeschool Hop, Pinworthy Projects Link Party, Small Victories Sunday, and Mommy Solutions!


Cool Books for Weather Tot Trays


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