15 Football Preschool Trays!

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We are continuing our winter and spring “series” of sorts of sports preschool trays, and this week we have a great one: Football Preschool Trays! We even got some in-person football during this cool week.

If you are up for some more sports, check out baseball preschool, basketball preschool, hockey preschool, hockey tot school (with free printable pack!), sports tot school, and if you can find them, weaving with football pretzels!

Check out all the great free printables (including one of of our own) that we used in a high-scoring set of 15 Football Preschool Trays! Get ready to play with our ideas for 15 Preschool Trays! Includes links to great free printables, including one of our own, and other frugal sports preschool plans.

  1. Finding Footballs Sensory Bin
  2. Helmet Coloring Page
  3. Spirograph
  4. Less Than & Greater Than
  5. Football Bead Stringing
  6. Sight Words & Letter Tiles
  7. Football Addition
  8. Cutting & Punching Practice
  9. Football Measuring
  10. Roll, Tally & Graph
  11. 20 Football Stickers
  12. Make a Paper Football
  13. Hundred Chart
  14. Numeral, Number Name & Tally Match
  15. Free Printable: Jersey Numbers!

Finding Footballs Sensory Bin

  • We just used our big container of pinto beans in another week of school. It hit me looking at these football beads that the beans and beads are quite similar in size!
  • So, I hid the beads in the beans, wrote the number 16 on a card, and put that in a container so he knew how many beans he was to find!
  • Helmet Coloring Page

    • I knew I wanted a coloring page, and this big and bold football helmet from the Football Number Sense Activity is great!
    • Just gave him regular crayons with this one.


    • A staple in school these days, Travel Spirograph is here because of that neat football shaped “precision wheel”!

    Less Than & Greater Than

    • I always emphasize how sports are a great way to learn math and here is a great example: looking at scoreboards to figure out if one is greater, less than, or equal!
    • This is available from the cool First Grade Math Bowl Unit from Teachers Pay Teachers!

    Football Bead Stringing

    • Here is a bit more with these awesome football beads! Here we use them as intended, stringing them.

    Sight Words & Letter Tiles

    Football Addition

    • A good combo of cutting and math here, I included some of the easy addition pages from the First Grade Football Math unit available from TPT. Thank you!

    Cutting & Punching Practice

    • Knowing I was going to put out the paper football craft later in the week, I thought some cutting and punching practice was in order!
    • So I found various shades of brown paper and gave him a star punch and wavy scissors so he could cut and punch as he pleased.

    Football Measuring

    Roll, Tally & Graph

    • This cute activity is from the very helpful Football Frenzy Math Printables available for free from Teachers Pay Teachers!
    • There are several other cool activities in this set as well.

    20 Football Stickers

    • We love these number line activities! I made a grid with numbers 1-20, then trimmed and taped them together.
    • Then all I did was provide 20 random football stickers so he could put one per square.

    Make a Paper Football

    • This is one of those things that I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but as usual the internet comes to the rescue. This paper football activity available from Mom on Timeout was just the thing!
    • I printed out her template as is on brown paper (thank you!)
    • Then the rest was pretty easy. I gave him scissors and the star punch from above so he could trim the footballs and punch holes around the edges.
    • Then, I included white string for lacing, and cotton balls for stuffing!
    • NOTE: I ended up adding big paper clips so we could keep the two pieces of football paper together while punching it.

    Hundred Chart

    • This Hundred Chart was the last item I used from the Math Bowl Football Unit from TPT – thanks!
    • Just included a highlighter here to see what he would do with it.


    Numeral, Number Name & Tally Match

    • Here is another great item from the Football Number Sense set on TPT! I trimmed th helmets, number names, and tally marks for numbers 1-6.
    • We have been trying to work on tally marks for a while so this was a helpful activity.

    Free Printable: Jersey Numbers!

    • At the end here we have our own printable! There are three pages, ready to be printed in black and white. Two have jerseys with traceable numbers, while the third page is blank (and you can print as many as you like for number practice!)
    • I gave him all three pages with a pencil and a highlighter.
    • I hope you enjoy this free Football Jersey Numbers Math Preschool Printable!



    Often there is one activity that E does each week that sticks out to me. This week was certainly the Greater Than, etc. scoreboard worksheet! We have worked on two digit numbers before but never applied it that way. He really got the hang of it quick! Another thing that was funny actually was making that paper football. We weren’t quite done yet and he was dead set on having this football be the body for some sort of buddy or robot. He is always making creatures and bots out of boxes and recycled items so it made sense! Please check out our other sports themes and come back for more this spring, including tennis, volleyball and lacrosse!

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    I hope you enjoy this simple football preschool free printable for practicing number writing!

    15 ideas for football preschool trays!

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