15 Hockey Tot Trays for Sports Tot School!

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Well, this is different! As I always write up a recap of our last week of activities, they never before have been based on my own tot pack — the FREE Ice Hockey Tot Pack, that is! I see a lot of interest in sports tot school themes and I wanted to help! We had a fun week based around a sport that is the coolest for more reasons than one. The items with two stars** below can be found in the tot pack!

We revisited hockey (and a new activity for the pack) in preschool with our 14 Hockey Preschool Trays.

Let’s get right to our 15(!) of hockey-themed activities!

  1. Alphabet on Net**
  2. Container Hockey Rink
  3. First Letter Tracing**
  4. Wooden Hockey Puzzle
  5. Hockey Rink Sticker Craft
  6. Design a Hockey Mask
  7. Scoreboard Math**
  8. Folding Practice**
  9. Shots on Goal**
  10. Hockey Game Sensory Bin
  11. Building Words**
  12. Ordering by Size**
  13. Cutting Practice**
  14. Lace My Skates
  15. Equipment # Match**
  16. Hockey Tot Pack**

Alphabet on Net**

  • This is my favorite activity from my (shameless plug) FREE Ice Hockey Tot Pack ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Trim the net and the coordinating pucks. (there is an option for more letters but we skipped that; we’re still working on our lowercase letters here!)
  • Glue the uppercase pucks on top of the lowercase “shots” on net!

Container Hockey Rink

  • We started with a square polycarbonate food container (manages to have markings like those in the ice!)
  • I made a set of popsicle stick hockey sticks inspired by Learning is Messy
  • Included a “puck” or small black checker
  • Encouraged him to move the puck around!

First Letter Tracing**

  • This simple set of cards has an image, the word spelled out (capitalized), plus two pairs of the word’s first letter, both upper and lowercase.
  • I printed these on cardstock and trimmed them, then provided his favorite green felt-tip marker to trace the words and letters.

Wooden Hockey Puzzle

Hockey Rink Sticker Craft

Design a Hockey Mask

  • Simply printed this Color a Hockey Mask activity from Hockey Canada
  • Gave him a bunch of markers to make a bold design!

Scoreboard Math**

  • From the tot pack… I printed all parts on cardstock
  • Trimmed the numbers, sets of pucks, and math problems
  • Plan is to sit and help him with this activity!

Folding Practice**

  • As seen in the tot pack… I printed these in color on cardstock and trimmed
  • Intended for folding, it’s fine for cutting too and we went that route!

Shots on Goal**

  • Follow the puck into the net!
  • I printed this on cardstock in color and trimmed
  • Provided a pencil for tracing (but cutting would be good here too!)

Hockey Game Sensory Bin

  • Made a very simple sensory bin; while ice sounded like fun we didn’t go that route…
  • Filled the bottom of a container with white rice.
  • Added some hockey things — two teams of bears (red and blue), an American flag and some wooden maple leaves
  • Also put in a George Foreman grill spatula to ‘scrape’ the ice and some clear bottles he had recently latched on to.

Building Words**

  • Our take on another tot pack favorite…
  • Decided to give him just four sets of hockey words — whistle, stick, hockey and skate
  • For each word, provided the completed card, just the image, and just the word for matching.

Ordering by Size**

  • Printed the single sheet on cardstock in color and trimmed the two sets of fice pieces of equipment (helmets and hockey sticks
  • Gave to him to put in order by size!

Cutting Practice**

  • Copying a favorite from other tot packs…
  • Cut strips of hockey items on the solid lines, then provide scissors to trim each on the dotted lines.

Lace My Skates

Equipment # Match**

  • Made four sets of hockey uniforms — helmet, jersey, and shorts
  • On each helmet, I put a numeral (2); each jersey, the word written out (two); and each pair of shorts, the coordinating number of “pips” or dots (..)
  • The trios of uniforms are in the same color family but I still thought this would be a challenge.

Hockey Tot Pack**

  • Please enjoy my free FREE Ice Hockey Tot Pack! You can download the whole pack of activities, or just sets of them, including one set that is “fine for black and white” ๐Ÿ™‚

Well! This one was a ton of fun! Like I said, there’s something to be said about your kid working on your own tot pack. I was proud of the results!

The boy is obsessed with cutting right now! He so happily and accurately cut both the “Cutting Practice” and “Folding Practice” activities. Once done, he eagerly waited for our “approval” to then cut the cut pieces even further. It was cute!

Yes, we managed to supplement this week with a real hockey game. Let me say here, as we thought it was standard practice to have your kid in headphones… make sure your kid is wearing headphones! (or ear muffs). While E was happily clapping and enjoying himself we saw so many other kids with their hands clasped over their little ears! Check out the 3M Peltor X-Series Over-the-Head Earmuffs — such a good price and value! Less than $15, fits E and us perfectly.

YAY HOCKEY! I hope this recap of our sports tot school hockey week will encourage you to check out my hockey tot pack! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking for more sports fun? Check out my popular sports tot school post or fast forward to a set of baseball preschool trays!

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Cool Hockey Preschool Books

Ideas for hockey tot school!

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7 thoughts on “15 Hockey Tot Trays for Sports Tot School!

  1. This is a very impressive roundup of Hockey related fun for little ones. I totally agree with you that seeing your kids working on a pack that you put together is very rewarding! Makes my day every time!

  2. All great ideas! I love that you incorporate certain skills into on “theme” These are fantastic ways to spice up an concept being taught and still keep a child’s interest. Thanks so much for sharing this with us on #shinebloghop this week!

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