15 Sharks Preschool Trays!

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Well, we may not have had the 2016 Stanley Cup Final result we wanted (despite our Sharks preschool playoff preview) but we still enjoyed learning with Sharks! Here are 15 ideas for sharks preschool:

Whether you are into Shark Week, hockey, or these great ocean creatures, you might enjoy ideas among our 15 Sharks Preschool Trays!

  1. Sea Scene Reusable Stickers
  2. Silly Shark Word Tracing
  3. WordWorld: Castles in the Sea
  4. Ocean Creature Stickers
  5. Draw a Shark!
  6. Sharks Wild Kratts Book
  7. NHL Sharks Territory Sign
  8. Sharks from Octonauts
  9. Shark Tracing Pages
  10. Color by Number
  11. Foam Shark Tooth & Beaded Jewelry
  12. Hawaiian Reef Creatures
  13. Counting 1-30
  14. Word Search
  15. Ocean Creature Cards

Sea Scene Reusable Stickers

Silly Shark Word Tracing

  • This cute bathtub book, Silly Shark, was a gift at my baby shower!
  • In the book, the shark is dressed up as a nurse, a saw, and so on — so homemade tracer pages will help us take a closer look at these words.

WordWorld: Castles in the Sea

Ocean Creature Stickers

  • During a recent sale, I was able to score a whole pack of sharks stickers for 50 cents. Here is a sheet (with the sticker backgrounds removed plus some paper to stick them on!

Draw a Shark!

  • I knew he’d love seeing his favorite shark buddy, Sharkie, on his school shelf!
  • We involved this Bitsy Shark by Douglas as an inspiration to draw, pairing with simply blank paper and a My First Ticonderoga pencil.

Sharks Wild Kratts Book

NHL Sharks Territory Sign

  • The San Jose Sharks (hockey team) readily acknowledge that “Sharks Territory” is all over the world. This shows with their Sharks Territory signs that you can print for free at their website.
  • I decided that he might like a chance at drawing one (or more) for himself. I simply put two rounded corner rectangles on a piece of paper for him to draw his own sign.

Sharks from Octonauts

  • Do you realize how many different sharks species the Octonauts feature in their Creature Reports?
  • These photos printed during Octonauts preschool were cool to look at once again.

Shark Tracing Pages

  • I really have to like something to print it in full color AND full size, and these Shark Printables from Living Life and Learning fit the bill!
  • Here are the tracing pages of different shark species.
  • This awesome pack came out as we were doing this week of school so the timing was just great! There are three-part cards available (for free!) as well. Thank you!

Color by Number

Foam Shark Tooth & Beaded Jewelry

  • Here we have the supplies to make shark tooth necklaces or bracelets!
  • Supplies here include white foam sheets, a string, beads, scissors, and a hole punch.

Hawaiian Reef Creatures

  • Let’s find the sharks on this pretty page of http://learntosurfkona.com/featured/snorkeling-with-native-hawaiian-fish-in-kona/”>Hawaiian reef creatures! Previously laminated, we included a dry erase marker as well.

Counting 1-30

Word Search

  • As we have been often lately, here is a simple word search made in Word with some shark-centered words!

Ocean Creature Cards

  • Wouldn’t you know that these cool animal cards are from a Chick-fil-A kids meal!?

Find some great sharks preschool ideas and more at Every Star is Different’s Shark Unit and the Natural Homeschool’s Getting Smart about Sharks (Free Printables!

Sharks Preschool is just another in a long line of animal themes! More aquatic weeks include our 13 Ocean Animals & Fish Preschool Trays, 22 Octonauts Preschool Trays, and long ago we did 10 Fish Tot Trays. Check out all of our animal themes!

We have 15 easy ideas (including links to great printables!) for sharks preschool!

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