15 Spring Preschool Trays

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What a winter! The bitter cold is starting to lift! But either way, we celebrate the season with a set of Spring Preschool Trays!

A good amount of what is here is from This Reading Mama’s FREE Spring Pre-K/K Pack! Thank you! These items are marked with a star* below. Other printables are noted as well.

Please enjoy our 15 Spring Preschool Trays!

  1. Black Bean Garden Bin
  2. Hungry Caterpillar Days of the Week
  3. Flower Reveal Cornmeal Tray*
  4. Caterpillar Colors*
  5. Ladybugs on a Leaf*
  6. Spring Action Cards
  7. Spring Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
  8. Cutting Practice*
  9. Ladybug Letters*
  10. Bug Search Sensory Bin
  11. Springtime Maze
  12. Garden Magazine Cutting
  13. Butterfly Cutting (for #15)
  14. Hungry Caterpillar Book & Day Cards
  15. Caterpillar to Butterfly Game

Black Bean Garden Bin

  • We thought about using black moon sand or the like, but opted to stay clean and use a favorite sensory medium, black beans!
  • Put the beans in a big scrapbook paper storage case
  • Gardening accessories included very cute wooden pots from craftparts.com, ‘shovel’ and rake, white beans (for seeds), artificial flowers and leaves, and rocks

Hungry Caterpillar Days of the Week

Flower Reveal Cornmeal Tray*

  • This is a tracing page from the Spring pack – thank you!
  • Instead of tracing, I trimmed the page and taped it to a tray with washi tape
  • I poured some cornmeal inside and gave him a nice paintbrush to “reveal” the flower!

Caterpillar Colors*

  • This is one of the lovely emergent readers available from This Reading Mama — thank you!
  • I printed the ‘key’ page in color, while printing the rest of the book in black and white
  • I trimmed the book and bound it, and gave it all to him with crayons
  • How colorful will the butterfly on the last page be?

Ladybugs on a Leaf*

  • This super cute dice game is from the Spring pre-k pack!
  • I ended up mounting the ladybugs back to back with some adhesive foam squares, giving them a little dimension
  • Put these with the leaf page and a simple wooden die (numbers 1-4) so he could play the game!

Spring Action Cards

  • This idea was actually inspired by Squish Preschool Ideas’ pin of Emily Elizabeth (Clifford) acting out the parts of the caterpillar/butterfly life cycle!
  • We did several actions that one would find in Spring, both animate and inanimate
  • We found simple clipart to match the actions, formatted them 6-up on a page in Publisher, then printed in color
  • Finally, I trimmed these down and mounted each on green cardstock!

Spring Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

  • This set of Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Cards is available from Teachers Notebook!
  • I printed them in color on cardstock, trimmed, and put them in a container inside a bucket (hence the bad picture!)
  • With the bucket, he could go outside and try to collect some of the objects on the cards!

Cutting Practice*

  • This is a pattern page from This Reading Mama’s pack. But I printed it in color and gave him the whole grid as cutting practice.

Ladybug Letters*

  • A totally cute activity from the spring pack! We used the uppercase sheet first, then the lowercase a few days later.
  • E is working on lowercase letters so for now, we only included wooden letter tiles of the letters on the ladybug.

Bug Search Sensory Bin

Springtime Maze*

  • I printed this cute maze from the pack in black and white and gave him a highlighter to complete it!

Garden Magazine Cutting

  • One of my own all-time favorite activities (though a little different than cutting out pictures of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains…)
  • I asked my gardening mom for some plant-related magazines or catalogs, and one was this “Flower and Gardens” from 2001!
  • Gave this to E with scissors, but he had a hard time understanding he was allowed to cut it! Once we at with and worked on it, he really liked cutting and tearing!

Butterfly Cutting (for #15)

  • I let him do a little of the work — cutting out the butterflies for the game on #15.

Hungry Caterpillar Book & Day Cards

  • This also came from the Hungry Caterpillar printable by KinderPrep on Teacher’s Notebook!
  • This time, I gave him the brightly colored prints with the actual book.

Caterpillar to Butterfly Game

  • Here is the fun dice game from This Reading Mama, using the cut out butterflies from #13 above!

Again, many thanks to the talented Becky (This Reading Mama) for the wonderful spring printable pack! There were a dozen more activities we could have done. It’s so nice to have thoughtful and thematic options as we homeschool!

Spring isn’t quite spring-like yet, but the seasonal themes are always a nice way to honor the time of year without any sort of gift or financial tie-in. Do you know what I mean? That said, we have Easter coming up soon! Until then, we have a little science revisit. See you soon!

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Cool Books for Spring Preschool Trays

Spring Preschool Trays!

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