15 Thanksgiving Preschool Trays

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Here is our last fall-inspired theme of the year — Thanksgiving! Last year’s Thanksgiving tot trays were quite simple as it was just another of those busy times. We had a little more time for the theme this year and once again the Thanksgiving tracing pages by Totschooling were his favorite!

Please enjoy our festive set of 15 Thanksgiving Preschool Trays and several links to awesome free printables!

Seasonal fun and learning with 15 Thanksgiving Preschool Trays!

  1. Missing ABC
  2. Sight Words
  3. Color by Size
  4. Pie Color & Cut
  5. TP Roll Turkey Craft
  6. Shadow Matching
  7. Thanksgiving Tracing Pages
  8. I Spy Thanksgiving
  9. Count, Write & Stick!
  10. Turkey Addition
  11. Foam Turkey Plate Craft
  12. What Comes Next?
  13. 3 Part Cards
  14. Jan Brett Hedgehog Coloring Page
  15. Mini Pie Book

Missing ABC

  • I loved this printable from 3 Dinosaurs’ Thanksgiving Pack because it lets E fill in the whole alphabet!

Sight Words

Color by Size

  • I liked this printable from the 3 Dinosaurs‘ Thanksgiving Pack – something a little different! I gave him crayons with this.

Pie Color & Cut

  • I love this Thanksgiving Pie Craftivity! We used it in a preschool way, though…
  • I just treated it as a coloring page of sorts, encouraging him to color and cut the pieces!
  • I would definitely use this next year as intended.

TP Roll Turkey Craft

Shadow Matching

  • Thi was printed last year from the Over the Big Moon Thanksgiving Pack – thank you!
  • We thought this year we might try a sort of memory game with it.

Thanksgiving Tracing Pages

  • Pumpkin, pilgrim, and his favorite, cornucopia — so many cute and seasonal Thanksgiving tracing pages from Totschooling!

I Spy Thanksgiving

Count, Write & Stick!

  • Using these cards from the Thanksgiving Pack, I thought for a change of pace, he could write the right number on the circle label and put it directly over the number on the card.

Turkey Addition

  • From Over the Big Moon’s Thanksgiving Pre-K Pack, adding pumpkin seeds seemed perfect for these fall math problems!

Foam Turkey Plate Craft

  • A couple years ago we helped comme up with activities for a wide age range of kids. We ended up getting this craft from Oriental Trading, and now we have several left!
  • Not much to say here – it is a craft with all the pieces needed!

What Comes Next?

  • What comes next in the Thanksgiving pattern? This is from Over the Big Moon’s Thanksgiving Pre-K Pack – thank you!

3 Part Cards

  • I loved the fun Thanksgiving three-part cards from Over the Big Moon‘s Thanksgiving Pack!

Jan Brett Hedgehog Coloring Page

Mini Pie Book

  • This cute little book is the final thing we used (this year!) from the Thanksgiving Pack from 3 Dinosaurs!
  • I printed it in black and white,k but underlined or colored in the names of colors for him to color in the pie and whipped cream with crayons.

Thanks again to all for the great printables! I can’t be more appreciative of the fact that I have been able to build quite a library of free worksheets and other printables.

This was a good week – and what proved to be the last really productive week for us in 2015! (Scratch that, he is drawing and coloring up a storm, which is great! But math and unfortunately word work took a bit of a back seat.)

But speaking of reading.. the Fill in the ABC sheet really got to me. He liked it because the whole sheet was related — fill in the alphabet. He struggles when each line is it’s own thing — like counting by 2’s on one line, 5’s on the other. It’s very interesting to watch his preferences and limits!

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Easy Thanksgiving Preschool Trays!

Cool Books for Thanksgiving Preschool Trays!

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