15 Triangle Preschool Trays!

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Now that I have done a full year of tot trays (and now preschool trays), I’ve found that having a few themes not specific to the calendar is particularly helpful. Our Triangles preschool theme is a perfect example. I have moved it around several times, but it found its spot right between Octonauts and Clocks!

We’ve done shape themes in the past (Squares & Cubes, Circles) and I like that they are easy to work with. So enjoy our 15 Triangle Preschool Trays!

  1. Triangle vs. Non Triangle Sort
  2. Pipe Cleaner Triangles
  3. Triangle Salt Tray
  4. Triangle Dough Tray
  5. SmartMax Triangle Building
  6. Cutting Straw Pyramid
  7. Hedgehog Craft
  8. Beads & Tricky Triangle
  9. Sailboat Worksheet
  10. Triangle Shape Salt Reveal
  11. Markers & Popsicle Sticks
  12. Triangle Tangrams
  13. Silhouette Cameo Triangles
  14. Fluency Triangles
  15. Cutting Squares into Triangles

Triangle vs. Non Triangle Sort

  • Used the Triangle vs. Non Triangle Sort from TPT – thanks!
  • Printed in black and white, trimmed the chart sheet and various shapes, and gave him a glue stick to put it together.

Pipe Cleaner Triangles

  • Simply gave him a few lengths of pipe cleaners and an example of how to bend into a triangle shape.

Triangle Salt Tray

Triangle Dough Tray

  • We encouraged him to build triangles with play dough and sticks (stirrers, picks, and golf tees)
  • We also put in all of the triangular items from his various dough tools.

SmartMax Triangle Building

  • This activity includes four long rods, four short rods, and three magnetic balls from the
    SmartMax 25 Set (Ours is a 4-color set, not a 6-color set like what is pictured)
  • In Publisher, I made some sets of these rods in colors and lengths in triangle shapes
  • Printed these in color and trimmed so he could build the matching triangles!

Cutting Straw Pyramid

  • This is completely inspired by the Preschool Math Straw Match pin from Playdough to Plato — thanks!
  • I made a quick sheet in Publisher of various lengths of lines in a pyramid shape
  • Printed this in color
  • Then gave this to him with a pile of straws and scissors so he could trim the straws to the right sizes!

Hedgehog Craft

  • This craft is built off the ideas on this Hedgehog Triangle Art Project — thank you!
  • I first made several small triangles from the Silhouette Cameo in lightweight black and brown cardstock
  • Then, I printed a simple hedgehog coloring page in black and white (to paste the triangles on to)
  • Finally, gave him wiggle eyes with Glue Dots, plus a glue stick to do the craft!

Beads & Tricky Triangle

  • Used one of our favorites, the Tricky Triangle!
  • Gave him some wooden beads, instead of pegs, to place on the holes of the triangle
  • This is a tough activity because it is easy to knock the beads off!

Sailboat Worksheet

Triangle Shape Salt Reveal

Markers & Popsicle Sticks

  • I printed out several of these Popsicle Stick Shapes Activity sheets from Moms Have Questions Too — thanks so much!
  • I gave him several with markers and colored popsicle sticks
  • Encouraged him to color in the sticks on the sheet and match with the colored sticks!

Triangle Tangrams

  • We took the triangle cards and pieces from the Lauri Tangrams for a no-fail, easy tray activity!

Silhouette Cameo Triangles

  • Used the Silhouette Cameo to cut triangles out of thick cardstock in two sizes. Made sure the corners were nice and rounded :)
  • Gave these to him as an open ended Tangrams-style activity on our coffee table!

Fluency Triangles

  • Inspired by these Sight Word Fluency Triangles, I made my own!
  • I used Publisher and a center-justified text box to make short sentences in this format
  • Then I drew a triangle around the text
  • Simply printed these in black and white and trimmed down to size!

Cutting Squares into Triangles

  • I just gave him some paper squares in various weights and colors, cut into triangles, and drew lines on a couple more to show how to fold and cut those into triangles, too!

Our Triangle Preschool Trays were fun! It was good to have so many hands-on activities. I will be sure to do some more shape preschool themes near future!

I always seem to point out when we use something that we’ve had stored for seemingly no reason. This time, it was the wooden beads used in the Tricky Triangle activity. We have had these for literally 15 years, as we had trimmed the excess length off a beaded curtain. Couldn’t possibly have thrown away all those beads!

Our next theme matches with Daylight Savings Time — clock preschool!

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Cool Books for Triangle Preschool Theme

Triangle preschool ideas for a shape theme!

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